Cerebrain Healthy Brain

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Cerebrain Healthy Brain Power Up Your Brain! Have you realized that people would gradually lose memory in old age? Ginkgo Tree A Most Ancient & Precious Tree Archaeologists have found that ginkgo ancestries gone through dinosaurs age and overcome glacier age. Their seeds, leaves as well as fruits have high pharmaceutical values. Ginkgo Leaves Extract Main Mechanisms Improve brain cell metabolism Promote blood flow to brain; enhance nutrients deliver to brain. Other Mechanisms Relax coronary artery & improve blood flow to heart. Reduce the damage to nervous system Decreasing cholesterol & balance blood lipid. Relax bronchus & relief asthma Brain Help to prevent brain dysfunctions, such as headache, memory loss and Alzheimer's Disease. Assist to prevent heart disease induced by aggregation of blood platelet. Relief of the symptoms of tinnitus-ring, buzzing or swooshing in ears May help to relief asthma. High concentration Reserve natural active ingredients with high concentration that eliminated any unwanted by-product. High Stability Advance coating technology, improve stability and avoid bitter taste.