Pretty Pink Flamingo Wax Melts

These Super Cute Wax melts come in a nice white box. They are Pink Flamingo Shaped and scented with Seaside Cotton Scent. Just imagine staying at a beach house all your linens are freshly washed and all the windows are open with the salt air blowing through the house. This is exactly what this scent smells like. Perfect for that light fresh scent. This is made with a soy/ paraffin wax blend to make the scent hold for longer and keep the color from discoloring. 8 Come in a Bag 2.0 oz. These melts are hand poured in small batches so the colors may vary a little per order. Place desired amount of melts in electric warmer and your room will be filled with fragrance for several hours. Keep away from Children and Pets. Not to be consumed. These make the perfect gift for any occasion or to just spoil yourself with.