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Loyker Earwax Removal Kit w/Camera

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The Loyker Earwax Removal Kit w/Camera safely and gently cleans your ears while illuminating your ear canal and capturing 1080P HD pictures and videos in real time—thanks to an intelligent 6-axis gyroscope for smooth transmission. Using a reinforced flexible silicone sleeve and interchangeable curved ear spoons, the Loyker cleaner is designed to help promote proper use and prevent injury. Built-in WiFi connects with your phone to display in real-time images from the device's waterproof, 360° wide-angle lens camera. Easy to set up; 30 days of standby on a full charge of the internal 350mAh Battery. Easy to clean with water or alcohol wipes after use.

In the box:
Visual Wireless Ear Otoscope
3 Arc Ear Pick X 2
8 Pcs Ear Cleaner Kit
Ear Pick Storage Bottle
Type-C Charg Cable
User manual