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Parrot Botanical Frangipani Scented Soap 6 Bars

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Frangipani Flower Scent Experience the scent of natural Frangipani Fragrance Mangosteen Extract and Clove leaf Oil Helps heal and cleans skin with natural anti-bacteria Parrot Botanical Soaps have been a staple product in Thailand since 1947. It is a Thai Tradition, scented with Thai Flowers and Herbs. Parrot Botanical herbal secret formula provides a high quality, skin gentle, lasting fragrance soap. Parrot Botanical Soaps provide cleanliness, freshness and power combatants of body order with rich and lasting fragrance. Six 60g bars Next Best Price for international purchases Online was $30.71 for 4 Bars, plus shipping. That would be $46.08 Plus Shipping for 6 bars. Here $36.00 for 6 bars Free Shipping