URBNFit Vibrating Foam Roller

Retail Price: $79.99
You Save: $2.24 (3%)

Roll your way to recovery with the URBNFit Vibrating Foam Roller! Designed to help release tension, ease soreness, and improve flexibility, the URBNFit is ideal for your back, arms, legs, and any other muscle group needing gentle massage. The electric roller features 5 levels of vibration for a variety of soreness levels and a rechargeable battery that provides up to 6 hours of use on the highest intensity. Crafted with an ABS plastic interior, a high-density foam exterior, and customized grooves, the Vibrating Foam Roller weighs just 3 pounds and is small enough to fit in your gym bag or backpack. It can support up to 300 pounds and is built to last through all your warm-ups, cool-downs, and recovery sessions. Available in black or orange.

Makes a great gift for the fitness buff or anyone suffering from soreness.


Speeds Up Recovery
After any exercise, your muscles need to recover. The URBN Vibrating Foam Roller can improve your circulation, reduce lactic acid buildup, and increase the oxygen levels in your muscles, allowing you to heal more quickly and get ready for your next training session.

Helps Prevent Injuries
High-intensity activities are usually followed by muscle contractions and tightness. The vibrational effect produced by the URBN Foam Roller will assist in myofascial release, helping your muscles to relax and be less prone to injuries.

Increases Overall Flexibility
The URBN Vibrating Foam Roller helps to release knots and muscle tension. By using the roller regularly, you can improve your range of motion which will aid you in achieving your fitness goals.