150mm 6" Electronic Digital Caliper

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Specifications: 1. The font of the scale film is clear, and the digital reading scale reading is rechecked twice 2. Digital display large screen, fast reading, LED LCD display large screen, digital direct reading intuitive and convenient 3. There are two units, metric/English, and the metric/English measurement mode is switched with one key, and the measurement length is automatically switched 4. All-plastic forging, lightweight and portable, to prevent scratching the measuring object 5. High-strength plastic material, which is made of high-strength plastic material, is scratch resistant, portable and convenient for use Product name: plastic digital caliper Product material: ABS plastic Product range: 0-150mm Scale process: magnetic stripe film Resolution: 0.1mm/0.01 Battery model: LR44 1.5V button battery Accuracy: ± 0.2mm/0.01 Net weight of caliper: 51g Available colors: black/silver Product packaging: plastic bag Package Included: 1 * Calipers