Tarot High Quality for Beginners

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*Tarot Cards for Beginners*If you are a beginner and can't read the cards. There are 2 instruction cards in this set of cards. You can scan the QR code to read the detailed version of the guidebook, which can quickly guide you in reading. *Original design*On the front of the card is the upright and reversed card explanation, the corresponding Tarot elements and representative symbols, zodiac signs or planets, numerology, etc. That information can help you understand the card itself and deepen your understanding of tarot art. *78 PCS Tarot Cards Deck*22 PCS Major cards and 56 PCS minor cards. They depict symbolic figures, elements in nature, the experiences of people in their spiritual journey, their hopes and fears, and their joys and sorrows. *400 Gsm Coated Pape**Tarot size: 2.75" x 4.72" (70 mm x 120 mm), They are super-easy to shuffle, have Sufficient folding endurance, and are ideal for all readers seeking a beautiful & high-end Tarot Deck. 1、Box:130mm*80mm(±2mm). 2、Card:120mm*70mm(±2mm). 3、78 cards. 4、Weight:330g. 5、Language: English. 6、English PDF guidebook. 7、Recommended for masters, beginners, and anyone in between. Tarot cards can be an excellent gift set. 8、Free shipping to most countries in the world.