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"Bring A Bit Of Humor To Your Blog Instantly With The New Wordpress Plugin That Automatically Tacks a Random Joke To The End Of Every Post!" Introducing: The WPJoke Plugin For Wordpress "Share Good Clean Humor With Your Readers!" The WPJoke plugin will add a funny joke to the end of every blog post you make on complete autopilot. This puts a smile on your reader's face with every post you make, and adds character to your blogs. (Especially any blogs you may already have automated posting on or intend on automating!) We have over 500 jokes in our database, with plans of expansion! This ensures that your visitors will see new jokes every time! Every joke in our database has been CAREFULLY screened, and there is NOTHING questionable about ANY of the content. So don't worry about offending anyone or posting wierd stuff! We've got you covered and give you our "Family Friendly" stamp of approval. "WPJoke Is For ANY Blog, Regardless Of Your Niche! Everyone Loves a Good Laugh!" How WPJoke Works: WPJoke is a simple Wordpress plugin that pulls in jokes from our constantly updated "Clean Humor" database, and adds them to the end of every blog post you make. Jokes are displayed in a borderless iframe on a white background. They are dynamically driven, and randomly chosen. SIDE NOTE: If you own other plugins that add content to the footer of your blog posts such as WPFooter - don't worry! You can specify which order to display your footer plugin content - you have full control. The Built In "Powered By WPJoke" link found at the bottom of every post will earn you INSTANT commissions when your site visitors click on it and purchase WPJoke for their own blog. It's small, unobtrusive, and takes 10 seconds to edit! Full Install and User Instruction Manual - Anyone Can Follow Along And Have Your Plugin Installed And Working For You Within FIVE Minutes! ENTERPRIZE BONUS! Your Purchase INCLUDES UNLIMITED Domains You Can Install WPJoke On As Many Blogs As You Want For One SUPER LOW - One Time Fee! Order Your PERSONAL USE Copy Now... Only $3.97! Instant Digital Delivery After Payment! WPJoke Requirements: Wordpress 2.9+ Hosted On Your Website