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Are You Ready to Experience Total Wellness Are Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired ? Announcing the TOTAL WELLNESS GUIDE Your ultimate resource for optimum health and wellness. A mult-media resource with video, audio and over 500 pages of current holistic wellness information to support you on your journey to total wellness Including special features, music for relaxation and meditation, fitness and nutrition tools to help you track your wellness programs and plan nutritious low calories meals. The Wellness Resource Catalog-quickly and easily access hundreds of quality online health and wellness products. Dear Fellow Health Enthusiast: Today more than ever we are bombarded with health news and information, in this day and age it's getting harder to make wise decisions about our health. At last you can now have access to an easy to use and current health and wellness resource guide edited and compiled by a Registered Nurse. The Total Wellness Guide contained hundreds of current, quality pages of holistic health information with resources for organizing your life, improving your emotion wellness, nutrition tips and fitness and exercise guides. In addition to pages of practical health information, the Total Wellness Guide includes streaming health news video and quality MP3 music I am sure you will use this valuable desktop software application over and over and find thousands of resources online. Take a look below at the highlights of the Total Wellness Guide and view the sample screenshots of what's inside this amazing new resource... Eight Detailed Chapters Covering Valuable Wellness Topics Create Your Space:Getting Organized- 51 pages Exercise Tips for Total Wellness Part I -29 pages Exercise Tips for Total Wellness Part II -26 pages Self Improvement for Total Wellness-53 pages Super Foods for Total Wellness-56 pages Vegetarian Diets for Total Wellness-51 pages Nutritional Supplements for Total Wellness-54 pages Yoga for Total Wellness-58 pages Special Features: You will also receive the following wellness tools and resources Music for Relaxation and Meditation-Desktop MP3 Collection Fitness-Nutrition Tools: count calories, plan healthy meals Wellness Resource Catalog-Your access to thousands of quality online wellness products & services Streaming Health and Wellness News Video: Stay current with frequently updated content Motivational Video Messages from Success Coach Robin Sharma PROTECT YOUR HEALTH With the cost of healthcare continueing to rise and little help on the way, it is important today more than ever to protect your health, protecting your health means preventing illness and disease before it manifests. Did you know that the average cost to stay in a hospital is now $7000.00-$13,900.00, not including expensive diagnostic testing and procedures ? Can you afford to pay these prices, are you sure that your insurance company will reimburse you ? The Total Wellness Guide is based on the holistic health model of total wellness, providing priceless information on physical health and fitness, emotional/mental wellness and stress management and spiritual wellness with the goal of keeping you healthy and out of the hospital. The contents of The Total Wellness Guide have been carefully selected and compiled by a licensed healthcare professional and written by top wellness authorities How much would you pay for an advanced desktop application containing over 500 pages of valuable health and wellness information, a virtual encyclopedia packed with everything you need to ensure the best health for yourself, your family, friends and loved ones? Including your own jukebox loaded with over 20 high quality relaxation MP3 recordings, a convenient portal to access hundreds of current and popular health and wellness products online as well as fitness and nutrition tools that you can use right from your computer desktop ? This unique application could easily sell for up to $97 but if you act today you will get this amazing product for only $17 P.S. Do not hesitate, claim your copy of the Total wellness Guide now. Get immediate access to hundreds of pages of health and wellness resources and information. This all new collection of health resources has been reviewed and compiled by a licensed healthcare professional to ensure that you receive accurate, up to date and practical health information.