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Tips and Tricks for Success for Young Entrepreneurs

Tips and Tricks for Success for Young Entrepreneurs "Sure Fire Ways to Have a Successful Business Venture!" Description: To become a successful entrepreneur you need good ideas, a little luck, money and lots of hard work. 90% of successful people fail, which means to gain something (profits, equity etc) you must first lose something (your initial investment). Phat-farm is a multimillionaire company whose owner Russell Simmons lost 10 million dollars in the first five years. A lot of experience and resources is not required but to become a successful entrepreneur you need to have passion and persistence. Turning everyday ideas into business is what makes an ordinary entrepreneur extraordinary. This talent or gift is what makes them unique. Most start with very limited resources and go ahead of their competitors through personal effort. The moves have to be fast and good decisions needs to be taken to gain share in the market and move forward for bigger competitors. Sneak Peak: Table Of Contents Entrepreneurship-an Insight 5 Becoming an Entrepreneur 7 Use Your Youth Advantage 9 Strategic Thinking for Young Business Men 11 Create a Successful Small Business Marketing Plan in 7 Easy Steps 13 The Main Factors of a Successful Venture 15 Ideas 15 Promotion 15 Operation efficiency 16 Business Start-up Mistakes 17 What to produce? 17 How to produce? 17 How much to produce? 17 Entrepreneurship Myths 19 Ethics in Business 21 Communication Tips for Business Management 23 Time Management for Business Owners 25 Leadership Attributes for Business Success 27 Estimate Your Start up Costs 29 Getting Investment Funding For Your Business 31 Brand Your Business 33