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How to Pray with Power

Christian Seekers. . . Are Your Prayers Being Heard? Re: The Secrets to Better Prayer Dear Christian Seeker, Life is so fast-paced these days it's easy to forget what's really important. Maybe you think you’ve been pretty good about keeping a prayer in your heart, but sometimes you think you forget that it is being heard by God and it degenerates into talking to yourself. Have you been a Christian all your life and yet feel you haven’t really been a Christian in the truest sense? Imagine not worrying about the strength of your relationship with God. Imagine praying with confidence, knowing your prayers are heard. Imagine living a meaningful life. Give me 5 minutes and you won’t have to imagine anymore. You’ll know how to strengthen your relationship with God. Give me 1 month and you’ll pray with confidence. Give me 1 year and your life with be more meaningful. I've put together a short, 14-page report entitled "How to Pray with Power". When you grab your copy below below here are a few things you'll learn in this quick read... * The best and, truthfully, ONLY way to begin the Christian life. * The 3 fruits of God's gift to us. * The 9 reasons to pray. * 3 secrets to praying with power. * How to get what you ask for when praying. * How to pray in the name of Christ. * The 2 ways to learn the Will of God. Download Your Copy Now for Only. . .$2.77 When you order "How to Pray with Power" you will also receive master resale rights. That means you can sell the report and keep 100% of the profits.