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How to Turn Your Ability into Cash

Finally, You Can Have the Life – And Career – That You Really Want … It’s Time to Discover How You Can Overcome Negative Thinking, Maximize Your Natural-Born Ability & Earn More Cold Hard Cash Than You Ever Dreamed Possible! Are you happy with your life and your career? Are you where you hoped you would be at this point in your life? If not, then this may be the most important letter you read today! Here’s why: I’m about to reveal to you the astonishing secrets that will allow you to banish negative thinking from your life forever and turn your ability into cash … lots and lots of cash! Introducing the “How to Turn Your Ability into Cash” eBook … Written by master salesman and successful author, Earl Prevette, this incredible ebook contains step-by-step instructions for controlling negative thoughts, getting the most out of your abilities and achieving your dreams. You’ll learn: * The law of wealth – and why when applied it never fails to produce an abundance of worldly goods! * How to achieve the success of your dreams in just 8 simple steps – you’ll be amazed at how easy it really is to succeed when you follow these simple instructions! * Why you should compare your ability to an iceberg – and what that means in regards to how you should approach the future! * How to accomplish any goal, such as writing a book, using just 15 minutes of your day – you’ll be amazed at what you read here! * 7 ways to develop your ability – and ensure that you are taking full advantage of it! * How to increase your power to think and to build – more than anything else this information will put you on the fast track to achieving the success you’ve always dreamed of! * How to control your negative thoughts – you’ll be surprised at how easy this is to do when you follow these simple tips! * How to replace “wrong” thoughts with right ones – follow these tips and you will be well on your way to achieving success! * Aids to help you remember – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to remember even the most complex information with these simple tips! * How to use the laws of observation, concentration, memory, reason and action to maximize your abilities – and achieve your dreams faster than you ever thought possible! * How to double your energy – follow these tips and you’ll have more energy than you did 10, 20, even 30 years ago! * 2 forms of exercise – that can send your energy skyrocketing while significantly improving your health! * The key to earning a fortune – here’s a hint: it’s more important than money, which is only a temporary convenience and is usually lost or spent. This is a permanent asset that can be used over and over again and the more you use it, the more potent it becomes. It never wears out and will last forever. And best of all its free! * 7 ways to generate enthusiasm – which will help you win promotions, earn more money, increase your salary and get you ahead! * And much, much more! By following the secrets revealed in the “How to Turn Your Ability into Cash” ebook, you will be able to rid yourself of negative thinking and quickly and easily achieve the dreams you previously thought unachievable! Not Sure About the Importance of Being Able to Control Your Negative Thinking? Let me tell you a little story: One day not long ago, while standing on the corner of a busy street in Philadelphia, talking to a friend, along came an old man. He was a decrepit old man with swollen, tearful eyes, and his unshaven face was drawn and withered. His lips were blue with unclean sores. His toes were pushing through his worn-out shoes. His clothes were torn to rags. He had seen better days. I thought, how dreadfully poverty has gnawed at you. I was stunned for the moment. With a look of sadness, and with a dirty bloated hand thrust forward, he pleaded for a few pennies. He got a few more pennies; I got a little more sense. As I pondered over the circumstances which had caused the deplorable condition of this man, and had left him a wreck in its ruins, I began to think: It might have been you! What happened to this old man? What precipitated his deplorable condition? What caused such poverty? Why had fortune turned into misfortune? His plight may have owed to overindulgence, to grief, to envy, to jealousy, to hatred, to prejudice, to dread, to self-pity, to temptation, or to discouragement. Whatever it was had changed his outlook, his attitude, his process of thinking and his entire pattern of living. Desperation, despair, discouragement, disappointment, sorrow and sadness were indelibly stamped in the lines of his face. He was a picture of his thoughts, a victim of circumstances and a slave to poverty. In analyzing the plight of this old man, I came to the conclusion that his condition was a definite result of that desperate little enemy – negative thinking. Negative thinking is a sneaky little enemy which silently steals its way into a man's consciousness and, like a thief at night, steals not his purse, but robs him of that power which makes him poor indeed. It is a sinister and destructive influence that works night and day to prey on a man's soul. It is man's worst enemy, and life's meanest foe. It is worse than war, and largely the cause of war. It is the curse of the human race. It is as blind to reason as an owl is to light. It turns friends into enemies and enemies into foes. It robs a man of reason. It stirs up hate, greed, selfishness, cynicism, pessimism, anger, suspicion, rivalry, jealousy, revenge, lust and envy. It tears down confidence, undermines health, impairs character and causes poverty. That’s Why the First Step Toward Achieving Success is Understanding How to Rid Yourself of Negative Thinking! There are two kinds of thoughts: positive thoughts which are creative and negative thoughts which are destructive. I often compare positive thoughts to light, and negative thoughts to darkness. Darkness is nothing. It is the absence of light. Turn on the light, and there is no darkness. Negative thoughts of dread, worry, anger, prejudice, jealousy, envy, grudge, stubbornness, impudence, selfishness, cynicism, gloom, hate, despair and discouragement disappear instantly when they meet the positive thoughts of love, faith, consideration, respect, kindness, courage, understanding, persistence, fervence, loyalty, joy, power, plenty, endurance and strength. Think positive thoughts, and the ability can accomplish any desire! Discover How to Get Rid of Your Negative Thoughts Once and For All – Plus Learn Everything Else You Need to Know to Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in “How to Turn Your Ability into Cash” This comprehensive ebook contains everything you need to know to succeed in today’s highly competitive world. You’ll learn: * How avoiding negative thinking will benefit your business career – find out how to stop sabotaging yourself at work and begin to achieve your goals! * Why it is not always easy to change the way you think – it can be very easy to get discouraged when attempting to change the way you think, these tips will ensure that you don’t! * What to do should you think a negative thought – nobody is perfect, find out here what you can do to ensure one failure doesn’t cause more! * Why you are the most interesting thing in the world – and why you should always take time to appreciate who you are and what you can do! * The three departments of the mind – and how understanding these can help you turn your ideas into money! * How to turn a plan into reality in four simple steps – this information will put you on the fast track to success! * How to improve your voice, speech and manner – and ensure that you leave a positive lasting impression! * 11 exercises that will have you speaking like a pro in no time – you’ll impress all your friends and colleagues with your new-found eloquence! * 12 tips for delivering the perfect speech – according to surveys more people fear giving a speech than dying – find out how to get over your fear and deliver a perfect speech here! * How to attract and get what you want – imagine having the life of your dreams, it’s definitely possible when you follow these tips! * 14 tips for turning your ability into cash – and achieving your life’s goals quickly and easily! * How the law of averages can make you rich – learn this and you’ll be well on your way to accomplishing your goals! 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