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05/10/21 11:18 pm

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Mighty 101 is the "perfect product". It is very good quality, ships easily and is consumable so your customers buy again and again. To promote it I use my customized splash page in Social Media. Once every day I go to TripleClicks, Copy a Review from the Mighty 101 product, and post the review with the Splash Page Link. Simple, effective.

TC item # 571150 Select Mighty101 in drop down menu.

11/05/20 03:56 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Advance in the Badge Quest Contest and earn CSAs.
Full details here in your Stream From SFI

Then Duplicate. Teach your PSAs to advance, or in some cases, get started in the Badge Quest Contest. Why? Every 10 CSAs they earn you earn one more. This can mean 1000s of CSAs in your business. This is Duplication. Learn about the power of Duplication item: 187187

03/13/20 09:42 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: My Splash Pages Just One Review
Eldon T. recommended this item
“ it is a great page and I love it. ”

-- Thanks Eldon. And now, check out all the reviews, and while you're there get one for yourself- TC item 571150.

02/26/20 09:54 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: great Social Media Splash pages to promote your SFI business in an un intrusive manner. People will appreciate hearing from you as you prvide value, build trust and expose people to sFI. Check out the splash pages: Item #571150

02/13/20 06:35 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: ****New Listing ****
Tamarind and Honey Herbal Soap - 4 Bars
Item ID: 612090
A fragrant soap with honey can help brighten and whiten your skin making it softer and fresher feeling. Tamarind is rich in vitamin C and E protecting your skin from pollution.

02/03/20 10:20 pm

Northern Thai Handicrafts: All Department stores have discontinued Plastic Bags in Thailand.

This is a perfect Shopping Bag. A beautiful hand made bag from Thailand. It is very fashionable and designed after the traditional Thai Bags using beautifully hand woven cloth from Thai Tribal Looms. Hand stitched embroidery. See item 609182

01/28/20 12:18 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Right Now is the Borsang, our home, Saa Paper Festival.
So Buy one but I will send two. To commemorate the Festival.
That is right. We sold out, so I restocked this item at the festval:
Saa Paper Key Ring Item #237875

01/25/20 09:06 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: How is your Social Media promotions going? Mine are going great because I provide helpful content along with my ads.
See what I do by checking out TC item 571150

01/04/20 12:36 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Buy one but I will send two.

That is right. I went on the New Year and restocked this item:
Saa Paper Key Ring Item #237875

I got it at Half price so I am passing the savings on to you. Buy one Get another one Free.

09/12/19 07:41 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: From Sept 10 to September 30 I will be in Turkey. During that time I will accept and fulfill all digital orders.

From Sept 10 to September 30 I will accept physical product orders that will be fulfilled on Oct 1.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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