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11/22/18 01:19 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: One Page Hosting
I will design a Landing Capture Page to recruit new Rewardical Members.
Each member will be followed up with 10 emails promoting Games, Auctions, and more.
Get your LCP today. Item number 304795

10/24/18 12:25 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Are you duplicating?

You must Duplicate the right activities to get a vital and healthy downline.

Recruit all you want, if you do not duplicate you will earn nearly nothing.

This duplication paper helps you understand what it will take to really prosper.

Search on TC Item number 187187

10/10/18 01:13 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: New Offering Thai 3in1 Tea

Note the price drops significantly with a volume order.

Ranong Tea a leader in the industry now offering Thai Tea. It is a part of the National identity of Thai people and is widely popular.

The Authentic Thai Tea is blended for excellent aroma & perfect taste from fresh tea leaves.
We are proud to invite you to enjoy the Best Thai Tea.
Item Number 610021

09/13/18 08:37 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: With the September CSA Contest I can earn 500 New CSAs if I advance in Rank over August. That is good. I've done so already. You should too.

But if I duplicate, I can advance by 1000s of CSAs. Learn to duplicate. Search on Item number 187187

09/08/18 06:10 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: This week Only
Gaba Rice - Black Sesame - get 3 packets for $2.99

Search item #567122

This is a super deal for a super food.
Healthy Breakfast, just add Hot Water.
One Packet makes a single serving.

100% Organic. Chemical and Insecticide Free

Reduces anxiety blood pressure, LDL and Weight.

Shipping is free

01/10/18 01:47 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Thai Pepper Paste, Bong Song.

You think you like it spicy? This is a wonder to the taste buds, a joy to the palate.

Item Number 602878

12/21/17 02:34 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Make your own sausage. Isaan Sausage making kit, just listed brand new. Search on Northeastern Thai Sausage Set.

Spicy and tasty. Make your own, impress your guests.

08/25/17 01:12 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Just received a great review on Item ID: 237875

So excited to receive my package in the mail today with my sea paper keyring....the elephant one I picked is awesome!!! Also, thank you so much for the treat you added to my package of the brown rice cereal packet....can't wait to try it out. Thanks again for great service and good delivery time too. Awesome ECA!!!!

Thank you Carmela

06/11/17 12:36 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Check out the latest reviews on my Tom Yum Soup (Item Number: 547642)

This is the most recent:
Kay B recommended this item 22 hours ago
"I added some of the Tom Yum Soup to some homemade vegetable beef soup and it was delicious. When I finished I knew I was content and it was the Tom Yum that made it complete. I will keep it in my kitchen all the time."

08/15/16 11:38 pm

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Value Content Tweet - Builds Credibility and is something your Twitter audience may value from - giving, not asking, free and helpful hopefully.

Promo Tweet - context sensitive, product Tweets, customized and populated with your SFI ID

Ask Me How. Tweet My Promotions, you get a customer and a Commission and I make a sale

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