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02/24/16 01:16 pm

Crocker's General Store: Just added a new product that everybody needs - purify any water you have into something that is clean and healthy to drink.

Great for stabilizing emergency drinking water keeping it safe to drink for years.

Removes lead and other heavy metals - toxins - and damaging chemicals - A must have for every household.

07/13/15 11:59 am

Crocker's General Store: I want to thank all the wonderful people who connected with Crocker's General Store on July 6th.

I also thank all the orders that were received - all have been shipped.

New products coming this month

Committed to your service.

04/29/15 07:27 am

Crocker's General Store: Enjoy a healthy cup of coffee to start your day out on the right foot.

Try our Le'Joyva coffee one pack makes a 16 OZ cup of healthy nurishment.

04/24/15 10:45 am

Crocker's General Store: Keep your health up so you can enjoy the life style you're building with SFI Thank you for Visiting Crocker's General Store

02/21/15 04:00 pm

Crocker's General Store: At this time all Products shipped to UNITED STATES only.
Effective immediately All SO of any one or more products will receive a monthly $2.00 Gift Certificate to help off-set shipping cost.

01/31/15 10:40 am

Crocker's General Store: Herbs were created for the service of man.

The products listed at Crocker's General Store are made with a proprietary blend of all natural herbs designed to be quickly absorbed by your body for quick results.

01/30/15 01:22 pm

Crocker's General Store: Just received the notice - all products have been approved and now shipping globally

Crocker's General Store
where quality is affordable and Service is a priority.

01/29/15 03:04 pm

Crocker's General Store: Well I have all the products "pending" again. I switched to letting TripleClicks set the shipping fees globally

And I am trying to get it set up with FREE shipping on SO. If my settings don't work I will refund shipping on SO by issuing a Gift certificate for approximate cost

01/19/15 08:35 pm

Crocker's General Store: All the products I have listed have now been approved.
Visit Crocker's General Store for some great health and wellness products.

01/16/15 08:27 pm

Crocker's General Store: I have listed the 5 new products now it is a matter of approval from TripleClicks.

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