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02/24/18 11:33 pm

Jesus Ventures Limited International: As my ECA Store is finally going to rewardical this week and my TC ECA removed permanently from TC Site,
i want to use my ECA News to say A VERY BIG THANK YOU to those of you who purchased from my store in the 2yrs and 6 mths that it existed.

May the good Lord water you, keep you and refresh and multiply in Jesus name.

Those who are yet to receive your orders since last year, CONTACT ME.

02/13/18 11:25 am

Jesus Ventures Limited International: Karalee Johnson, your order item 591144 is on the verge of being shipped. please wait for a max of 90 days and as promised i have sent my sfi ebk to your email box plus an additional motivational ebk for being a loyal customer in the past.

The motivational ebk is 9 SIMPLE STEPS IN GETTING WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE just to say thanks.
i will open communication till you receive your order.

02/10/18 05:00 am

Jesus Ventures Limited International: LAST ECA NEWS- FAREWELL SPEECH.
In leo of my leaving TC for good, i want to leave these words with you.
1. Never be afraid of testing new waters.
2. Stretch with challenges don't SHRINK FROM IT. It will make you.
3. Explore what you have on ground and build with it.
Email me at if you need any assistance from me.

Thank you so much for everything.

02/10/18 04:52 am

Jesus Ventures Limited International: Other Services Available
1. SFI Coaching Course Program with materials-1 mth

2. Yeshua Business Coaching Course Program with manual and all my store's business materials-3mths

All my health supplements, inspirational, marketing and motivational ebks and bks are available offline with discount due to non availability of vp.

02/10/18 04:23 am

Jesus Ventures Limited International: My Parting Gift
I write this with tears because I have grown to love you all.

So when you make your last order I will be given you my 4-5 star SFI ebk

The phases of building a successful business will take 90 Max days to ensure safe and fast delivery.
Refundable of funds not received available

02/10/18 03:17 am

Jesus Ventures Limited International: Attention to ALL my esteem able and invaluable customers
It has been nice doing business with you ALL.

Right now all items have been removed from the store save
Item 591144: The Phases of Building a Successful Business which is allowed till the 28th of Feb so if it is your desire to build a successful business this book is it as it will take you through the phases you need to grow

02/07/18 03:18 am

Jesus Ventures Limited International: So email me if you want any of my services or coaching course program with other materials to help you grow your SFI business.

People are making a head way now through this coaching. It involves assignments to train your hands to be skillful including both theory and practicals and you will have TWO sessions for 6 days in the week.

Your pain points will be addressed first then the system.

02/07/18 03:12 am

Jesus Ventures Limited International: Heads Up Everyone
Please check your email box for my last newsletter to you and for the last part of HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN SFI-THE REWARDICAL SYSTEM.

it will show you how to make real money and requalify as an EA or BTL without investment and how to get ROI

MY products and services are also available including COACHING COURSE PROGRAMS for one full month with materials. Affordable

02/02/18 09:48 am

Jesus Ventures Limited International: Hi there
Have you been trying to lay your hands on my sfi ebks
How to make it in your SFI business with pictures

How to effectively market your SFI business with results?

Then email me at on how you can get your copy.
The prices do not is still $20 and $10 respectively.

The store is moving to Rewardical very soon.
So this will be your chance

01/27/18 11:42 am

Jesus Ventures Limited International: Lashonda Adams Head please your order item 558692: How to make it in your SFI business with pictures is completed.
Please check the attachment in the email sent to you and thanks for your patronage.

God bless you and hope to see you soon

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