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01/30/22 10:48 pm

Northern Thai Handicrafts: A tutorial that includes instructions, step by step, on how to make TripleClicks Product banners so you can promote TripleClicks products on Traffic Exchange (TE) sites easily. Search Item Number 468545

01/15/22 01:55 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: The Duplication Paper (187187) continues to get Great Reviews. Check them out. Of the last 7 reviews 6 were 5 stars. Jerome M. was the one that was not 5 Stars, but he said this,
"Excellent e-book that in my opinion every SFI affiliate should read and not just the new affiliates. This breaks down the things you should know about SFI and the Network Marketing mindset very nicely.”

10/11/21 01:39 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: A unique taste from Thailand which can be applied to variety of menus. See Pictures of each at Item Number 613081

Nam Moo DedDiew - A Grilled Pork Snack
Nam Pork Ribs
Nam Beef Jerky
Nam Chicken Wings
Nam Pork Sausage

Nam is fermented pork and this is the spice power you would add to make Nam. Delicious. I love the Ribs, the Wings, Wow, and the DedDiew Amazing.

09/28/21 01:16 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Check out this amazing herbal toothpaste.
NokThai 5 Star 4A Herbal Toothpaste
Item 613007
Be Warned. It is expensive, but worth every cent.
Be Warned. Read the Directions first.

09/24/21 07:53 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Just listed a new product from 4Care. Item number 613048
Dark Chocolate with Organic Cacao Drink

09/16/21 10:05 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: New Listing Today, Potted Glass Noodles. An Iconic Thai Seafood Dish. Now you can get it in your home. Complete Meal Spice Kit. Search on Item Number 613010

05/10/21 11:18 pm

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Mighty 101 is the "perfect product". It is very good quality, ships easily and is consumable so your customers buy again and again. To promote it I use my customized splash page in Social Media. Once every day I go to TripleClicks, Copy a Review from the Mighty 101 product, and post the review with the Splash Page Link. Simple, effective.

TC item # 571150 Select Mighty101 in drop down menu.

11/05/20 03:56 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: Advance in the Badge Quest Contest and earn CSAs.
Full details here in your Stream From SFI

Then Duplicate. Teach your PSAs to advance, or in some cases, get started in the Badge Quest Contest. Why? Every 10 CSAs they earn you earn one more. This can mean 1000s of CSAs in your business. This is Duplication. Learn about the power of Duplication item: 187187

03/13/20 09:42 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: My Splash Pages Just One Review
Eldon T. recommended this item
“ it is a great page and I love it. ”

-- Thanks Eldon. And now, check out all the reviews, and while you're there get one for yourself- TC item 571150.

02/26/20 09:54 am

Northern Thai Handicrafts: great Social Media Splash pages to promote your SFI business in an un intrusive manner. People will appreciate hearing from you as you prvide value, build trust and expose people to sFI. Check out the splash pages: Item #571150

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