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07/23/13 12:17 am

Maree Designs: Best tip. Approach all groups, clubs in your area. Tell them how they can design an ECA website for fundraising. All members can donate items for their clubs to sell at the one location. Then all the club members can promote the clubs ECA website link. Huge exposure for fundraising throughout the internet.
Taking photo's tomorrow. Really excited. Will list them in the next few days.

07/20/13 06:59 pm

Maree Designs: Morning all. I am doing a photo shoot on Weds. So busy making new stock to list. To all my new down line. A big welcome. be sure to log in daily and participate. Connect with me at A2A ask any questions. Here 24/7 for support.

07/19/13 12:29 am

Maree Designs: I have just listed new stock. Also I have made it free postage within NZ. Also I will be adding wee prezzies as a thank you to every one. I have spent the day changing links for SFI at traffic exchanges to include tracking,.

07/16/13 12:36 am

Maree Designs: I am excited. Been making new stock to list within the next few days. To all my new down line a big HELLO. Treat SFI as a real job where you have to turn up to work. BUT instead of leaving home you go to your computer for the hour you are employed. start with the to do list. Next connect with A2A members. Click friends and send them a post. Finish with Asking Questions

07/09/13 02:29 am

Maree Designs: I find it so refreshing reading the Ask SC. I check it daily for great advice. I would appreciate everyone to leave me a comment with suggestions on what you would like me to design and list.

06/29/13 03:52 pm

Maree Designs: This week as a thank you. I will be adding a wee surprise prezzie with every purchase. Stand out in the crowd in a Maree Designs Classic. No mass production. Specialist for the fuller figure.

06/27/13 02:21 am

Maree Designs: Remember just promote SFI for great results. I joined in 2010, then due to the earthquakes I was unable to participate. So pleased I reactivated my account. Yes achieve your dreams. Look great in a Maree Designs Classic. 20 years experience.

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