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12/29/15 06:15 am

Unikat: Enjoy every moment
I hope this gathering and the next year!
And I hope the next year will be more successful!

12/27/15 03:14 am

Unikat: Once again, thank you for connecting with my ECA.
Thank you for your wonderful comments and good wishes.
Your "Unikat"

12/26/15 09:37 am

Unikat: My dear,
Thank you for you great comments...
Welcome to new connected members...
Be happy and enjoy your life!

12/26/15 03:16 am

Unikat: Dear Members ,
Our shop tiday is the Featured ECA.Thank you all for connecting to my store.
Thank you for you great comments.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I wish you health and happiness.

12/26/15 03:00 am

Unikat: Welcome to new connected members,angela35, Nileys,Suzequ,GoodSamaritan,akolam77,zakivikmar00,snjezana67,kosman_007,alexcool,marica28,Kapilan77,...

12/25/15 02:53 am

Unikat: My dear
Tomorrow, Unikat is to be Featured ECA store. For this important day, I prepared a surprise for each customer. Best wishes!

12/25/15 02:36 am

Unikat: Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrate!

12/22/15 03:47 am

Unikat: BIG SALE ! The best-selling pieces of jewelry on sale !!

12/17/15 05:10 am

Unikat: BIG SALE ! The best-selling pieces of jewelry on sale !!
Check ...

12/15/15 03:06 am

Unikat: Did you see the new pieces of jewelry?
Come to the store maybe your favorite piece on sale!
Your "Unikat"

I wish you a successful day!

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