* See in complete darkness with the Night Owl® NGM3XW National Geographic® night vision monocular. * The NGM3XM is crafted with a 2-piece, rubber-coated body that offers you an ergonomic design for easy handling. * Four-piece objective and five-piece ocular, all-glass element, camera-quality 3.1x lenses provide clear detailed viewing. * This monocular provides 3.1x magnification matched with a Generation I Elite intensifier tube and a built-in, high-quality Infrared Illuminator. * The NGM3XW is equipped with bright light protection (auto-gain control) which protects it from accidental exposure to daylight which can cause damage to the unit. * The night vision monocular is safe to operate during the hours between dusk and dawn. * Water resistant construction allows you to use the NGM3Xw in bad weather conditions. * Limited One Year Warranty * Features: o Two-piece, rubber-coated body o Easy to use and operate o Built-in, high-quality Infrared Illuminator o Auto-gain control o Four-piece objective and five-piece ocular, all-glass element, camera-quality 3.1x lenses o Soft touch On/Off and I/R control buttons o Intensifier Tube Generation: Gen 1 Elite o Magnification: 3.1x o Range of View (ft): 575 ft. o Range of View (m): 175 m. o Resolution (lp / mm): 24 o Spectral Sensitivity (nm): 400-900 nm. o Power Supply: 3v Lithium battery o Weight: 16 oz. (454 g.) o Dimensions: 7.2 L x 2.3 W x 3.2 H (inches) o Operating Temp: 22 Fahrenheit to + 113 Fahrenheit o Objective Lens + Focal Length: 50 mm + Aperature 1:1.2 + FOV @ 1000 yards: 628 ft. + FOV @ 1000 meters: 191 m. + Focusing Range: 5 ft (1.5 m) + + Material: Glass + Number of Elements: 4 o Ocular Lens + Focal Length (eye relief): 12 mm. + Diopter Adjustment: 4 to +4 + Material: Glass + Number of Elements: 5 o Includes carrying pouch
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