These postcards are designed for attracting TC members. Postcards are 4" x 6" full-color with a glossy finish on side one and a plain finish on side two to prevent smearing when printing addresses and SFI ID numbers. Each unit ordered includes 500 postcards. To use the TripleClicks postcard, just... 1. Print or stamp** your SFI ID number in the box located on side two. 2. Address the card (either by printing your recipient's name/address or by affixing a mailing label). 3. Add a postcard-rate postage stamp and drop in the mailbox. Each time one of your postcards is redeemed by a customer, we deduct one credit* from your account. You'll receive an e-mail notification of each new customer generated, and/or refer to the online Customer Report at the SFI Affiliate Center for tracking all your TC customers and customer sales. The TC Postcard acts as a free sample. Once your customers see how easy it is to list and sell their unwanted stuff online with the free listing, they're going to want to purchase more credits and sell other stuff they have now and in the future. And you, as the referrer, will earn commissions on all these credit sales. It's that easy to start generating Tripleclicks customers by direct mail! TripleClicks Postcards can also be purchased in packs of 50, 100, 250, 1,000, and 2,500. Tip: To fit the space provided on the postcard, you'll need labels that are no more than 2.25" wide (2" width or less preferred). *IMPORTANT! In order to keep 100% of your enrollments gained from the TripleClicks Postcards for yourself, simply keep TripleClicks credits in your account and we will deduct one credit each time a free listing is redeemed by one of your enrollments. NOTE TO SFI AFFILIATES: A purchase of 100 credits is just $29 (and no shipping cost) and earns you EA status. However, if you'd prefer not to purchase credits, we will defer every fourth enrollment generated to the EyeEarn Co-op. We will incur, on your behalf, and at no charge to you, the cost of the free listing referred to on the TC Postcard for 3 of every 4 TripleClicks enrollments you generate. In other words, we will pick up the cost on 75% of your enrollments, but the remaining 25% of your enrollments will be deferred to the EyeEarn Co-op (to be assigned to someone else). NOTE: For a variety of garments and other promotional items you can use to promote TripleClicks, CLICK HERE. **You can purchase a self-inking rubber stamp, customized with your SFI ID, from VistaPrint for as low as $12.99 here.
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