"Ready For The Kudos & Huge Profitability Of Being A Published Author? Step By Step Guide Explodes Publishing Myths And Reveals Simple Method To Earn From Publishing Your Own Physical Books!" "Ready For The Kudos & Huge Profitability Of Being A Published Author?" Step By Step Guide Explodes Publishing Myths And Reveals Simple Method To Earn From Publishing Your Own Physical Books Dear Marketer, One of the best things you can do to establish yourself as an expert in your niche is to produce a physical book. Being a published author will give you a massive amount of credence in your niche and firmly establish yourself as an expert. Being perceived as an expert in a niche has many benefits, not least of which is that it makes it easier for you to make sales and increase your profits. Another big benefit of having a published book is that you can easily create another stream of income for your business that can run almost on autopilot for you. Until now, publishing a book has ben a nightmare process. You need to contact agents and publishers and look forward to rejection letter after rejection letter (even J.K. Rowling was originally rejected by a number of publishers) and hope that someone likes your book enough to publish it. Then you need to go through the painful writing and editing process and wait for your book to be published and distributed, which can take a year or more. It's a slow process that drives many authors bananas. Of course, you could go the self publishing route. This hasn't been much better. You spend several thousand dollars self publishing your book and then you end up with a garage full of books you have to try and market yourself! Not a pretty thought is it? This is why so many people have fallen by the wayside on the path to becoming a published author. And we've not even mentioned the pittance you get as a commission on every book sale or that you are only paid this once or twice a year most of the time. The Self Publishing Revealed program has been produced to blow away the cloud of mystique that surrounds self publishing and show you how anyone can publish a book literally in just a few hours! It doesn't matter whether you are a complete beginner or an accomplished writer, you will be able to very easily publish your own books. Of course, publishing these books brings you additional income. Publish multiple books and you can create many different streams of income. Let's not forget that with a physical book published it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you to market your book. A physical book will open doors for you both on and offline and give you a chance to establish a huge amount of credibility in any niche. Being a published author brings a lot of kudos and as you work through the Self Publishing Revealed program you will understand just how many highly profitable opportunities it offers you. Whatever your skill as a writer you can easily become published using this step by step training program. I Though Self Publishing Was Hard? It always has been, as anyone who has looked in to self publishing will tell you. Until recently it has been a huge headache (and cost) to become self published, so much so it has put off many potential authors and kept Internet marketers well away. Recent advances in technology has made it relatively easy for you to become self published. You can literally have a physical book ready to print in just a few hours and all for less than the cost of a meal out for two. It has become incredibly affordable PLUS you can tap not only into the biggest marketplace in the world but you can also easily get your book into book shops. The Self Publishing Revealed program will show you how, as a published author, you can profit from book shops. Your local books shops are a potential goldmine for you if you know how to tap in to it. This brand new, step by step, program will show you everything you need to know to get a book published and earning for you. Amongst the many things you learn in this program are ... * Identifying hot selling niches to create a book in * Formatting your book for maximum results * Three main ways to create a high quality book * How to publish your book in just a few minutes * Why physical book readers demand high quality and how you can easily give it to them * How to promote your book both on and offline for maximum cash * And much much more Anyone can publish a book and this step by step program is your guide to becoming a published author and profiting from it. There is a lot of potential for you in self publishing and this course reveals everything to you. The Self Publishing Revealed program reveals in step by step format exactly how to publish your own book in the worlds largest marketplace - even if you've never written a book before! * Learn what is in this step by step training program and how you can publish a physical book * Understand why you would want to publish a physical book and how it will benefit you * Research your niches and discover popular selling products in niches you can join in * Maximize your income by picking the most profitable niches to create books in * Learn the 3 ways to create a book * Discover the simple techniques for putting together a high quality book * Formatting a physical book is very different from a digital book * Learn the fundamental differences and which will work best for you * See exactly how you publish your book * Learn the different publishing options available to you and which ones would best suit you * Understand exactly how Create space works and how you can profit from it * Understand the important of proof reading your book and why you MUST do this * Learn the best ways to get your book proof read for the minimum cost * Don't miss out on the opportunity to build a list with a fanatical following * Learn how to turn your published book into a list building machine * Learn why you have to promote your book * Discover the secret benefit this book will give you * Understand some of the best ways of promoting your book * Take advantage of the massive potential for you to make money marketing your book offline * Learn the sneaky trick of self published authors to get your book in the book shops * Learn a simple technique to turn your book into several hundred or even thousand dollars quick cash * Learn how to take this to the next level and earn even more * Summarize the process of publishing your own book And of course, I can't leave you with just that when there is even more value I can give you. Even More Value For You ... Grab Your Copy For Only . . . $1.00 I know you will get something from this well written eBook! Remember: Knowledge is power - And Great Knowledge is Powerful. When reading an eBook can MOVE you - Isn’t that feeling worth the price of the wonderful read? ENJOY! APPLY! SHARE!
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