Thermo Woolen Belts for Spine and Lower Back Area The woolen belt covers the entire spine and extends over lower back area (back part of the spine). In this region it maintains body heat needed. Despite the drastic change in the ambient temperature, the higher and lower it keeps the temperature of the body in a "pleasant area." Because of wool regulates body temperature, in contrast to cotton and synthetic materials, woolen belt constantly controls temperature changes, keeping your body (in this part of body - spine and lower back area) temperatures at normal. It exchanges humidity, maintains moisture exchanges between the body (spine and lower back area) and in that way maintains moisture of skin. Intended for people with back pain and rheumatism, sciatica and lumbago, bone aches, for people who are exposed to changes temperature and weather: construction workers, athletes, bus and truck drivers, bikers, who work outside. Persons who are under permanent stroke of drafts and coldness and are exposed to changes temperature and weather: hunters, fishermen, mountain climbers, construction workers, athletes, bus and truck drivers, bikers, for people who work in refrigerator truck and in cold storage, who work outside. The Effect of Thermal Wooll Belts Products act thanks to their form – construction, design and composition of fillers which are of 100% pure wool. Wool is a natural material and therefore is ideal for use. Due to its properties wool has a very beneficial effect on the joints and bones. Thermo (woolen) belts act as natural heat regulators. They have beneficial effects on the human body. They are excellent thermal isolators because properties of wool is that always retains natural body temperature regardless of the ambient temperature retain natural body temperature and also spend moisture, protect from coldness and humidity, even at -30 degrees. Products maintain optimal and natural body temperature and humidity at the painful spot, conduct moisture, so that on one side absorb sweat and other bodily moisture, and on the other side take it out and maintain humidity which is necessary for the body. They do not cause allergies and allow skin to breathe. Manner of Using Wrap the belt around the waist/lower back area / spine / neck / shoulder/sinuses-forehead / wrist (leg,hand)/ stomach so that it leaned comfortably. Buckles can be moved to adjust the length of the elastic band how is most convenient for the body and adapt belt in the best way. Thermal belt can be worn under or over clothing. During washing avoid strong detergents and starch, the belt can be washed with mild detergent in warm water, preferably by hand and dried on a towel laid. Thermal Woolen Belts are products of extensive and effective therapeutic range intended for temporary or permanent use and are considered to be as reliable. These products are completely new at bought around the world market. We have high quality designs and our price is very competitive. Also, our products are of high quality and licensed. With this products people are going to make step towards a healthy lifestyle. Thermal Woolen Bets are unique, comfortable and flexible product because they are: COMPLETELY NATURAL CAN BE WORN ON DUTY, DURING REST AND IN ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES, THEY PROTECT FROM COLD AND MAINTAIN WARMTH THERMAL WOOLLEN BELT KEEPER OF YOUR HEALTH ! Filling: 100% natural wool Material: 98% Cotton
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