If you're fed up of selling cheap little $7 products, and want to sell high ticket, then stay on this page... “How Would You Like To Generate $97 Sales, $197 Sales, $497 Sales Or Even MORE Into Your PayPal Account?” with personal service profits that's now possible because for the first time you'll get access to the insider's perspective on providing services for REAL PayPal Cash! If you can pull off at least one of these services, then you can make money with it... Designing banners - yes people need banners because they want to promote their product! If you can create a half-decent looking banner then you've got customers will to pay you. Creating website headers - webmasters and marketers alike need to present their products. Headers are perfect for this and can add value to their websites - again something that you can provide! Designing websites - why not take it a step further and do a complete design package? Provide more value, then charge accordling. It's not uncommon for designers to charge $500+ for graphics! Writing services - marketers need products to sell, articles to add to their blogs, reports to give away as gifts, and eBooks to sell! If you can research a topic and write about it then expect to be paid for it! Technical services - if you're capable of setting up a blog, installing a .html website, setting up an online script, or even programming for that matter then there's a mass of people willing to pay you! Installation services - with the ever increasing number of 'turn-key' resell rights products there is a need for installation services hands down! Seriously! It's NOT Rocket Science! Many of these sevices you can learn (or have already learned) in just a few hours. Yet these simple skills can become your new cash cow. If you've been doing affiliate marketing or selling your own products up until now with little or no success, then you should take a swing at selling services. So Why Do Services Sell So Well? There's a good reason... Because people are lazy and they often don't know what they're doing either. You can ride in on your white horse, save the day, and best of all get paid for it. Don't Know What To Charge?... Don't Worry! In fact, it doesn't matter whether you've even sold a single service before! I'm going to take you by the hand and walk you through how you can make a big splash... maybe faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible. Why? Because this course was created from REAL experience. And I can tell you now... There's nothing scary about selling services! Especially when you know how to get the right clients (which I'll show you.) And here's the real beauty of it... There are so many ways to generate clients, even if you don't have an e-mail list. You've Probably Seen the Other Big Service Providers Out There They never have to worry about where their next check is coming from. They have relationships with their clients. They're the go-to-guys and go-to-girls everyone goes to in order to get things done. You can be sure there will ALWAYS be work available because services are ALWAYS in high demand and marketers need things done - ALL THE TIME! Things change rapidly online, as you already know. You can always learn new skills to offer as a service if needed. But the demand for services never changes. This ensures you're always in business And I Want To Show You How To Sell Many Types of Services In My New Video Course! Introducing Personal Service Profits!... Here's a quick look at what you'll discover inside: How to determine what kind of service can be sold How to determine what your strengths are The best kinds of clients to get Selling packages vs individual services Types of services you can sell The fastest and easiest ways to get paid And even how to get others to do all of the work for you while you sit back and get a cut (optional) Let's take a closer look at the powerful information you're about to get your hands on!... Why Selling Services is a Great Way to Make Money Online • In this 2:19 video, you will learn why selling a service is a quicker way to make money than selling products. • Learn about the differences between services and product sales. • Learn more about premium prices. • Gain a better understanding of competition in services verses competition in product sales. What Services to Sell • In this 6:28 video, you will discover what kind of services can be sold online. • You will learn more about design services, such as creating banners, logos, business cards, and headers for web pages. • You will also learn about writing services, such as article creation, blog content, or ghost writing. • Finally, you will gain a better understanding of technical services that you can sell online, such as installing Word Press, setting domain names, or even editing a website’s hosting account. What Your Strengths Are • In this 3:58 video, discover how to determine which skills you are best at. • How to begin, research what kind of work is available and determine which skills you have that earn you money. • Learn how to quickly search through websites like Warriorforum.com and Odesk.com for jobs. • Finally, write or type a list of skills you possess. Places to Get Work • In this 5:12 video, learn more about websites where you can immediately discover work online. • A look at iWriter, how to make an account, and learn more about how the website assigns work to you. • A look at Fiverr, which is a website where most jobs pay five dollars for odd jobs. • How to use Warrior Forum, Odesk, and Freelancer to learn more about posting for jobs and bidding on jobs. Selling Packages vs. Services • In this 4:19 video, you will learn more about packaging services. • Find out more about how to market your packages to earn more money and sell items successfully. • Investigate which services will mesh well together for packaging purposes. Selling Design Services • In this 3:51 video, you will discover more about how to sell services by using Photoshop, and other programs, to create banners and headers for websites. • Look closer at 99Designs, a website used by competitive designers to sell their designs. • Also take a closer look at the WarriorForum for-hire forums, where other designers gather to sell their designs by posting ads. Selling Writing Services • In this 4:13 video, you will take a closer look at selling writing services. • Writing services are the most in-demand service on the internet, and iWriter is the best place to begin. I• nvestigate Fiverr and Warrior Forum, two websites where writers and editors can find work very quickly. Selling Technical Services • In this 3:32 video, find out more about technical services. • Find out why Odesk is the best website for finding technical services. • How Fiverr is also a quick place to find money quickly. • Why the hiring forum in Warrior Forum is also a successful means of providing jobs for technical services. Selling Wordpress Installation • In this 3:01 video, you will learn more about how Fiverr and other websites will pay for a Wordpress installation. • Learn how hundreds of jobs, paying five dollars apiece, can net over one thousand dollars. • Finally, consider learning other services that can be completed quickly and will, over time, earn you more money. Selling Turn-Key Packages • In this 2:28 video, turnkey packages are discussed as a viable means to sell a service. • First, learn what a turnkey package is. • Second, listen to how easy it is for the customer to buy and use your services. Setting up PLR for People • In this 3:33 video, you will listen to the steps needed for setting up PLR packages as a service. • Offer a done-for-you setup service, and after the service is purchased you will set up an entire site with a special offer. • Not many people offer this service, so it is very effective in attracting customers if advertised correctly. Selling Services Offline • In this 2:37 video, you will be given some information on how to advertise, find, and learn more about offering services to local business that did not have a webpage previously. • Find out why you can charge more for offline services. • Receive good suggestions for what services to provide. Small Jobs Big Paydays • In this 2:53 video, you will be given several tips on how to receive more money for your services. • If you work for iWriter, make an effort to be polite and courteous.
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