Are You Prepared For The New Internet? "If You Market Anything On The Internet Then You Already Know How Important Content Is In Driving Traffic To Your Website.. Get On Board Fast Or Be Left In The Video Content Dust!" The complete "How To Make Money As A Video Blogger" video tutorial will teach you a great new way you can create tons of new content for the internet and make insane profits as a video blogger no matter what niche you are in... BLURAY Dear Friend, Have you ever wanted to have your own TV station either for fun or for profit? We have all thought of such a thing as a child while we were watching cartoons right! I would have played nothing but Bugs Bunny and The Road Runner non-stop 24-7 Think about it- you would be totally in charge of the remote! Everyone would have to watch what ever you wanted them to see! Maybe you would want to have a your own TV Station so you can show some special clips to your Friends, family or colleagues! How would it be to show of that family vacation in Morocco, or pass on a great MLM speech that you gave to your entire down line... Maybe if you had your own TV Station you would focus on a target niche or a certain hobby or sport that you love... You could focus the whole hour on the Dallas Cowboys and nothing but the Dallas Cowboys! If you have ever thought of streaming any kind of video from the Internet then the "How To Make Money As A Video Blogger" video tutorial is just what you have been looking for.. You are about to learn every thing you can imagine ever having wanted to know about creating and broadcasting video from the internet. We are going to cover every thing you can think of from getting set up with the proper software to create your videos and convert them for the web.We will teach you what equipment you need for the best possible quality video production on any budget and what equipment just flat out is not worth the money... Just look at what our whopping 430mb package contains at over 2 hours of content! The "How To Make Money As A Video Blogger" video tutorial that contains a whopping 2 hours of "no fluff" content! Here's a table of contents for all the videos you'll get... Video #1 Introduction To The Course Video #2 Creating Your Plan Video #3 What Physical Equipment Youll Need To Get Started Video #4 What Kind Of Content Youll Provide Video #5 Creating Your Videos Video #6 Editing Your Videos Video #7 Video Blogging On A Personal Level Video #8 Video Blogging On A Business Level Video #9 Video Blogging Live Video #10 Making Money As A Video Blogger Video #11 Go Get Started! These videos have been put into an easy portable format so that you can take a small file anywhere you go and view these videos online. All you need is an Internet connection! We will even go over how to find all the content for your video blog... That's right- think you don't have any great ideas for your Internet TV Station programming? No matter what your interests weather it's home brew, corporate takeover's, or drag racing.. you will learn how to turn what you know into a firmly focused Net TV channel... Or if you are starved for ideas... We will show you how to find out what is hot right now on the internet.. and how to take that content and use it to create your own video content for fun and for profit! We will take you by the hand, totally through the actual video shoot itself! We will show you in great detail How to prepare and plan for it for a totally smooth and seamless shooting experience! You will learn everything about the editing and compressing of your videos for the best Internet performance all the way though uploading and streaming your video. Have you ever thought of running a live presentation on the internet? Sounds impossible right! Well not anymore- with today's technology streaming a live broadcast on the internet is easy to do! Think about this... how many marketers do you see regularly doing teleseminars? There are a few every night right! Why do you think all of these "Guru's" continue to do teleseminar after teleseminar on the internet? It's not because they like the sounds of their own voices I can assure you of that! Its the CASH... plain and simple!
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