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Make extra money as a TCurrency provider



What if you could simply plug an in-demand digital product into an online store and earn a profit?

Well, it’s NOT too good to be true–it’s “TCurrency“; and as an approved TCurrency Merchant, YOU could soon be earning profits for your growing business while providing a much needed service to customers worldwide!

More on that in a moment…first, a little background:

Since the beginning of the 21st Century, online commerce has grown to become a MAJOR economic force around the world. All indicators suggest this market will only continue to expand in the coming years. Even so, there are still significant barriers faced by millions of potential customers wishing to purchase products over the Internet. In many countries, for example, traditional online payments methods like credit cards and PayPal are not feasible or are sometimes prohibited. Also, many people are uncomfortable using payment methods like credit cards online.

And that’s where TCurrency comes in. We’ve designed this program specifically to address those payment “roadblocks.” Using TCurrency, customers outside of the US and Canada can buy anything at TripleClicks and earn Rewardical Tokens exactly the same as if they paid by cash, check, credit card, PayPal, etc.

As an approved TCurrency Merchant, you can add a highly lucrative new income stream to your earnings by selling TCurrency to customers in your area. And note that YOU get to choose the price you sell your TCurrency for–up to 15% over the face value of the TCurrency.

EXAMPLE: let’s say a customer purchases $50 in TCurrency from you. You’ve chose to sell it at a rate of 10% over face value. Hence, your customer pays you a total of $55 ($50 face value + $5–which is 10% of $50). You’ve now just earned a nice $5 profit by basically exchanging one form of currency for another, for provided a needed service in your area!

Obtaining a TCurrency Merchant license is simple. 

The first step is to apply HERE.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how a customer would purchase TCurrency from you:

1. A customer visits the TripleClicks TCurrency directory.

2. They enter the amount of TCurrency they wish to purchase and select an approved TCurrency Merchant (you).

3. We automatically send the customer an e-mail and/or text message with their order information, including your TCurrency provider contact information.

4. As the TCurrency Merchant, you will also get an email/text alerting you about the order with the customer's contact information. You then contact the customer to arrange payment for the TCurrency and complete the order. The customer can pay you in any method agreeable to you both, including local currency, barter, or other payment type.

5. Once you receive and record payment (which includes your fee), you then deposit the proper amount of TCurrency in the customer's TripleClicks account. The customer can then spend that TCurrency on anything they want, whenever they want, just like cash

REMEMBER! Today's marketplace is a global phenomenon, and it's only going to become more so! Thousands of current and future companies are going to need local fulfillment/payment/delivery services. As a TCurrency provider, you can begin to position yourself as a trusted licensed TCurrency Merchant NOW, attracting future clients and building an even larger profit-driven opportunity for yourself!

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