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What are Pricebenders "Flips"?




Pricebenders Flips is a very cool auction feature that works like this:

Each time you win an auction of most physical goods at Pricebenders, you have the option to put the item you’ve won up for immediate sale at TripleClicks for CASH!

  • Your only cost to “flip your win” is the price you won the auction for, plus a nominal $3.50 processing fee to cover our costs to sell the item for you.
  • You set the price for what your item sells for–up to 70% of the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).
  • When the item sells, we deposit the proceeds into your TC Member account.  That’s it!

Example: You win a Chromebook laptop computer (MSRP $200) for just $20 (including the cost of your bids).  You set the selling price at $129.00–which is a fantastic price for the customer.  Upon the sale, you just made $105.50 in cash! ($129 – $20 cost of win – $3.50 processing fee).

Flips = Super Deals!

The “SUPER DEALS” section was created to sell flipped items–featured both at TripleClicks and on the TC tab at the Affiliate Center.

These are ”super deals” because every item in this section is at least 30% off the MSRP, and most will offer a MUCH greater savings. That's because when someone wins a Pricebenders auction for a really low price (which is typical), they’re naturally going to be inclined to “price it to sell!”

We expect Super Deals to regularly feature deals that no other e-commerce site in the world will be able to match!  Brand new electronics, appliances, and numerous other great products at a whopping 50% off the regular retail price?  Yes!  60% off?  70% off…or more?  YES!

PLUS, every Super Deal automatically comes with 1000 Rewardicals!

Q & A

Q: What if my flipped item doesn’t sell right away?
If your item isn’t selling, you may need to reduce the price to attract more interest.  You may adjust your pricing down or up, whenever you want, as frequently as once ever 24 hours.

Q: Is there an easy way for me to track and monitor the items I’m flipping?
Yes, in the Member Center, you’ll now find a ledger which lists all current items you have up for sale as well as all items you’ve sold previously.  Dates, prices, etc. are conveniently provided.

Q: Can I only use the proceeds of a Flip sale towards other products at TripleClicks?
No. You use towards any item at TripleClicks…OR…you can opt to receive the proceeds as CASH.

Q: If I choose to flip a win…can I change my mind later?
No, once you’ve chosen “flip” as the option, you’ll need to stick with it.

Q: What if there is more than one Super Deal for the same product?
We will automatically feature the lowest-priced one until it has sold.  The next-best priced will then move up and take its place in Super Deals.

Q: Will I be able to know if someone else is selling my same item for a lower price so I can consider lowering my price?
Yes, you’ll be advised or be able to know if there are others selling the same item and at what prices.

Q: Does TripleClicks make money on Super Deal sales?
No.  Just like our affiliates, our profits occur on the front-end, at Pricebenders.