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What are Astro Auctions and how do they work?



Astro Auctions is based on the popular silent auction model, but we’ve taken the concept much, much further–integrating some cool, innovative features that we hope you'll LOVE participating in and marketing to the world.

Here’s how to join and win an Astro Auction:

1. Go to the Astro Auction index.

2. Choose an auction item or product group (PG) you wish to bid on.  Click the BID button.

3. Enter your bid in TCredits. (Don't have any TCredits? Purchase some here.) NOTE: If after you've placed your original Astro Auction bid, you wish to place a larger bid, you can choose to rebid. Learn more.

4. Choose how many of the TCredits that you've bid that you wish to receive Constellation Prizes on (minimum 1). Note that you will ONLY pay 1 TCredit more than the second highest bid! So, for example, if you placed a bid of 100, and the person with the second highest bid was for 50, you would be named the winner of that auction for a bid of 51. The remaining 49 TCredits (less one for auction processing fee) will automatically be returned to your account. NOTE: Of course, if you choose to earmark more of your TCredits for Constellation Prizes, you’ll receive less than 48 TCredits back. PLUS...for each TCredit you earmark for said prizes, you'll automatically receive 5 Rewardicals (redeemable for a variety of valuable items at, plus other Constellation Prizes. Click the continue button to proceed.

5. After you submit your bid, you'll get a chance to enter your free Pick-The-Bid prediction.  Be the closest prediction to the auction’s winning bid and you’ll win 500 Rewardicals!

6. When fueling and boarding are completed and the auction is ready to launch, you will receive an email alert.

7. The auction you bid on is displayed on the Auction Index with “READY” status.  Click the “LAUNCH” button.

8. During the next two minutes, the auction is “IN FLIGHT” and the top 20 bidders are revealed one by one in “countdown” fashion.  Also during this stage, you see how many Rewardicals and what other Constellation Prizes you’ve won.

9. At the end of the two minute flight, your auction’s "starship" will land and ALL winners–for the auction itself, for the Rocket Box and Supernova jackpots, for Pick-The-Bid, and for Quantum*–will be announced, recorded, and prizes queued for immediate delivery.

For complete details, tiebreaker rules, and much more, see the Astro Auction OFFICIAL RULES page.

* In the case of a PG (Product Group) auction, the winner may choose from among all the items in the group for his/her Quantum prize.


Q: How is bidding on Astro Auctions risk-free?

The worst thing that can happen is you spend one TCredit and a couple minutes of time and in return win several Constellation Prizes including 5 Rewardicals for each TCredit (while also having an entry to win thousands of Rewardicals, the item being auctioned, and other great prizes) you earmark for Constellation Prizes.

Q: What are the different Astro Auction Product Groups and what are the price ranges for the products in each?
Pluto: $1-$15 products
Mercury: $15-$30 products
Mars: $30-$60 products
Venus: $60-$100 products
Neptune: $100-$150 products
Saturn: $150-$250 products
Jupiter: $250 and up products

Q: How do you choose which products go in each product grouping?
We attempt to fill out each group with popular products that the masses want to readily bid on. We are also tracking which items are picked most often so that we can quickly identify both the most popular and least popular item. We'll then continually cull the least popular and replace them with exciting new items. Over time, each group of products can become a "cornucopia" of popular and highly-coveted items

Q: How does Product Group bidding and winning work?

Instead of bidding on auctions for individual products, you simple bid for your choice of products within various price ranges. For example: You're interested in one of the products in the $30-$60 price range. There may be five, 10, 20, or even more items in the product group to choose from! Win the auction and take your pick of the items!

Q: Do I earn 5 Rewardicals for each TCredit I use for Astro Auctions?

Yes.  Plus, you’ll have multiple opportunities to earn additional rewards and prizes. NOTE: Members earn 25 Rewardicals for every TCredit transformed.

Q: How can I win the Rocket Box and Supernova jackpots?

You receive one entry for each of the jackpots whenever you enter an Astro Auction. Jackpot winners are chosen at random and revealed during the "in flight" stage of a given auction. NOTE: Some Astro Auctions have more than one Rocket Box awarded, giving several people a chance to win the Rocket Box jackpot in a single auction.

Q: Why is the second jackpot called Supernova?

The second jackpot is called Supernova because it has the potential to be “super big.” This is because 1000 Rewardicals are added to this jackpot each time a new auction comes online.  If no one wins it, it automatically rolls over to the next auction, becoming bigger and bigger and bigger until someone wins it.

Q: So if I entered ten auctions a day, I’d have TEN chances to win Supernova and Rocket Box?

Yes. Every auction you enter gets you another entry for each (and an entry for Pick-The-Bid for each too). HOWEVER...some Astro Auctions have more than one Rocket Box awarded, giving several people a chance to win the Rocket Box jackpot in a single auction.

Q: How many Constellation Prizes can I win in each Astro Auction I enter?

By participating in any Astro Auction, bidders are guaranteed to win at least five Constellation Prizes...six for Astro Auction VIPS. All prizes are drawn at random and all bidders have the same odds to win prizes, no matter how many TCredits they’ve bid or earmarked.

Q: What is the status of the TCredits I’ve used for my bid until the winner is revealed?

The TCredits you’ve bid are “frozen” (no longer accessible by you) until the winner is revealed.

Q: If I placed a bid of 100, and the person with the second highest bid was for 50, did I just spend 100 TCredits to win the auction?

No. Since the second highest bid was 50, you would be named the winner for a bid of 51, and 48 TCredits will automatically be returned to your account (1 TCredit goes towards the auction processing fee).  NOTE: Of course, if you choose to earmark more of your TCredits for Constellation Prizes, you’ll receive less than 48 TCredits back.

Q: Can I maintain my auction “green streak” badge with Astro?


Q: Are there any limits to how many Astro Auctions I can enter or win?

As of now, there are no limits. However, as Astro Auctions grow and we continue to monitor results, we may add limits as necessary. 

Q: Can I participate in multiple auctions?

Yes, multiply your fun by entering bids in lots of auctions!

Q: When are bids accepted?

Bids are accepted during the fueling and boarding stages. NOTE: If, after you've placed your original Astro Auction bid, you decide you wish to place a larger bid, you can choose to rebid. You may rebid any time during the fueling or boarding stages on auctions (excluding Junior auctions). Each rebid costs one additional TCredit.

Q: How many times can a person bid on a single auction?

You may bid once by default. However, if after placing that one bid, you want to place a larger bid, you can rebid any time during the fueling or boarding stages for one additional TCredit (excluding Junior auctions). 

Q: How long will an average Astro Auction last?

That's hard to say. All auctions will launch after fueling and boarding is completed, which is dependent on how many bidders appear.

Q: What if I’m not available when the auction I’ve entered launches?

No worries!  We’ll send you an email and/or other type of alert…and you’ll have a full 7 days (168 hours) after boarding is completed to respond and claim your wins/prizes. IMPORTANT: You MUST watch the flight to claim any items/prizes won.

Q: How long does the flight, where the winners and prizes are revealed, last?

All Astro Auction starships are equipped with “hyper-speed” engines…so each flight lasts no more than 2 minutes, no matter which planet is the destination.

Q: What if there is a tie for the highest bid?

See TIEBREAKERS section of Astro Auction Official Rules.

Q: What if there is a tie for the closet Pick-The-Bid prediction?

See TIEBREAKERS section of Astro Auction Official Rules.

Q: Can I get free TCredits to enter Astro Auctions?

Yes.  See the bottom section of Astro Auction Official Rules.  Also, Rewardicals that you win free in various SFI contests (e.g. Daily Grand, E365, Badge Quest, Biz Quiz), and in Astro itself, can be redeemed for TCredits that you can use for placing Astro Auction bids.

Q: What’s going on during the “fueling” stage of an auction?

During “fueling,” we’re collecting enough TCredits to pay for the cost of the item and other associated expenses.  Once that’s taken care of, the auction moves from “fueling” to “boarding.”

Q: What’s going on during the “boarding” stage of an auction?

During “boarding,” much like the preparation for a real flight, we’re going through a checklist to make sure all aspects of the auction are ready to go before changing its status to “ready for launch.”

Q: What’s going on during the “in flight” stage of an auction?

During the “in flight” stage is when we reveal the top 20 bidders from lowest to highest (winning) bid, and also the Rocket Box, Supernova, and Pick-The-Bid winners.  This is also when all the Constellation Prizes you’ve won are awarded to you.  

Q: I think a lot of my friends and family might be interested in participating in Astro Auctions.  How can I introduce them to Astro and be credited as the referrer?

If you're an SFI Affiliate, just refer them to the Astro Auction index (include your SFI ID number in the link like this: You can also use a special gateway option to gift your friends and family a TCredit, so they can experience an Astro Auction 100% FREE!  A 100% no risk auction and guaranteed prizes is a very powerful offer! NOTE: Not an SFI Affiliate? Join free HERE.

Q: As an SFI affiliate, how can I make money promoting Astro Auctions?

Those you refer to Astro will need TCredits to bid on auctions.  As their referrer, you’ll earn Direct Commissions on every TCredit they buy.

Q: What is Astro Auction's Extra4Earth (E4E) program?

Extra4Earth (E4E) is similar to our "Round Up" program at TripleClicks, in which you can choose a charity you wish to have your contributions donated to. Once you've chosen your charity, each time you participate in an Astro Auction a donation will automatically be made to your charity. Think of it this way: Astro may take you on trips around the universe but you'll always also be giving "a little extra" to your home planet, Earth, for each auction you enter! To select or change your chosen charity, go HERE. Note that if you've already chosen a charity for the TripleClicks "Round Up" program, you're all set; we will automatically contribute to your charity for each auction you participate in.

Q: Why would I want to enter an Astro Auction? 

Astro Auctions is designed to appeal to EVERYONE…with virtually no risk, simple and easy participation, and all delivered with an ample dose of fun!