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How can I advertise on TripleClicks and other Zing Network sites?



SFI affiliates and other third parties with products or services to offer can submit ZNAs (Zing Network Ads) for approval. Approved ads appear on during and after Astro Auctions, to people playing our Eager Zebra Crystal Ball game, or to people playing T-Time.

One big objective with ZNAs is to match up buyers and sellers in the same countries. Therefore, the system includes the flag of the country where the seller resides. When affiliates see a flag from their country or region, they may be more likely to check out the seller's offerings and support these local businesses spending their advertising dollars with SFI. Some advertisers may also offer Rewardicals for purchases, which can then be redeemed for lots of goodies.

NOTE: Ads for business opportunities, including the SFI program, are prohibited. Affiliates may, however, submit ads for particular products at using one of their Gateway links.

IMPORTANT: Affiliates won't see ads until an advertiser chooses to promote their offering to their specific demographic. For example: A German advertiser may only want to put his or her ads in front of affiliates from Germany. If you're not from Germany, you wouldn't see the ad. When an advertiser chooses your demographic, you'll see the ad.


The Zing Network consists of the following properties:

For those properties, the Zing Network currently boasts 10+ MILLION members (and growing daily)! With ZNAP, our seller partners (especially at TripleClicks and Rewardical, Flexxity, and Localvantia merchants) can use the network to promote their brands and products to SFI Affiliates around the globe.  

So, if you're a current ECA, a former ECA, a Rewardical ECA, a Localvantia merchant,  a Flexxity Service Provider, or you'd just like to put your brand or products in front of our global membership, you can do that easily and quickly. Just log into TripleClicks and follow the easy setup instructions on the Create An Ad page

Once there, you can select:

- Ad style
- How many views you want
- Time period (when you want your ads to appear)
- Target audience (e.g. select which country or countries see your ads)

Pricing starts at just $.015 per view (100 views for $1.50)!

NOTE: We're looking for other great places to get your ads seen soon. We're also developing cool additional features available that no other advertising platform out there can offer. Stay tuned for future updates!


1. New types of commissions may become possible in the future (i.e. earn commissions by selling advertising on Zing Network sites).

2. It gives Localvantia merchants a direct method to attract affiliates and members in their area. Similarly, it can allow Rewardical ECAs a great way to bring new customers to their websites and products.

3. By attracting and partnering with well-known companies and brands, we can expand our footprint and burnish our own brands, which can pave the way for a much bigger overall opportunity for SFI affiliates over time.

4. Advertising revenues can fund numerous, business-boosting new programs for SFI affiliates, lucrative contests (e.g. win trips!), and much more.

5. It provides yet another great conversation-starter with businesses...which can lead to Localvantia/Rewardical merchant referrals, sales of ECommergy subscriptions, etc.