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What is ECommergy?



IMPORTANT: The answer below is geared toward general customers. SFI Affiliates should see this FAQ for details about ECommergy subscriptions and marketing information.

ECommergy is a site for and by ecommerce entrepreneurs that launched April 1, 2019.  It features:

Note that ECommergy is 100% generic (it's not a site for soliciting people for SFI or any other biz app). Anyone who's in ecommerce...or wants to be...or should be...are potential subscribers.


* Great price. A full-access monthly subscription is available for just $9.97 (just $.33/day).

* A subscription to a product like ECommergy has clear benefits (i.e. you've just started an ecommerce business; what better than to have experts in ecommerce showing you the way to success and profits?!).

* There are tens of millions of businesses across the world, both online and offline. And almost every one needs what ECommergy provides. Think locally-owned businesses all over the world. Every one of them not using at least some form of ecommerce (e.g. using social media for marketing), is leaving potentially vast sums of money on the table every year. It's an Internet world. A huge and growing percentage of adults worldwide have a smartphone and access the internet regularly. Businesses that don't cater to these customers are missing out and are being squeezed out by businesses that DO. An inexpensive ECommergy subscription is the smart remedy!

* ECommergy is a 100% digital product. So there are no shipping costs or hassles, and delivery is instant worldwide. You can be enjoying your ECommergy subscription within seconds, no matter where you live in the world!

* An ECommergy subscription is not some "frivolous" product you quickly consume and forget about like so many other products. On the contrary, an ECommergy subscription can truly be invaluable and can represent an investment in your future. Indeed, ECommergy can literally be a life-enriching, life-changing gift to yourself!


Following are the ECommergy packages we currently offer to non-SFI Affiliates. You also need to learn a new term: GRT. GRTs are "Giftable" Rewardical Tokens. Almost every ECommergy day pass and subscription includes a free bundle of Rewardicals for tipping experts, authors, and posters. Knowledgable members who establish themselves at ECommergy can earn nice extra monthly cash thanks to GRTs. And it's through GRTs that ECommergy can attract ecommerce experts.

Day Passes:

$1.97 1-Day Pass w/10 GRT 

$5.97 5-Day Pass w/25 GRT 

$7.97 10-Day Pass w/50 GRT 

$12.97 30-Day Pass w/100 GRT 

Subscription: $9.97 Standard Monthly Subscription w/100 GRT 

Q: When did ECommergy make its official debut?

ECommergy was launched on April 1st, 2019.

Q: How do I change my existing Auto-Delivery order to an ECommergy subscription?

Just click here to see a listing at TripleClicks of all the ECommergy subscriptions and day passes. Click the one you want, then select the Add To Cart button and follow the check out procedure.

Q: How do you pronounce ECommergy?

Think of how "e-comm" in the word ecommerce is pronounced...then just add "er-gee" to the end. So, "ee-COMM-er-gee."

Q: Can't I get much of what's in ECommergy by just finding it online?

For some of the content, yes, but articles in the ECommergy directory are hand-selected by experienced members of the ecommerce industry. And without a subscription to ECommergy, you'll completely miss out on our exclusive content, programs, and features. Just $.33 a day (less than $10 a month) for access to content that could explode your growth and earnings is an outstanding deal.

Q: Is there anything excluded for the day passes?

Essentially, no. Persons who receive access to ECommergy via a day pass get full access to all content. They cannot, however, create content (e.g. post on the forum).

Q: Will ECommergy add even more features over time to make a subscription an even better value?

Without a doubt, yes! ECommergy is just getting started, but it will grow and grow and grow in the years ahead.

Q: Will there be a mobile app for ECommergy for mobile devices?

We will certainly be exploring this possibility. In the meantime, has been built to be fully mobile-friendly and should work great on all mobile devices.