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Powerful Jewelry

Magnetic therapy is the idea that magnets increase circulation, blood flow, and oxygen in a specific area in the body. Increased blood flow can help to relieve pain and stiffness, especially if your joints, back, or muscles are swollen or injured. Many individuals with arthritis and other chronic pain conditions report relief from magnet therapy.

Magnet therapy has also been shown to increase relaxation and well-being in some individuals. This may simply reflect the reduction in pain and stiffness, or it may be its own benefit. Many proponents of magnet therapy say that magnetic bracelets restore the body's natural energy field or help align the body's chakras. Either way, relaxation is a very important part of physical health. Consider magnetic therapy to deal with daily stress and tension.

The Benefits That Can Be Obtained From Using Magnets:
To alleviate pain, increasing mobility in arthritic joints.
To ease stress and depression.
To promote sound sleep.
To aid the recovery of nerve sensation.
To aid recovery of torn ligaments, muscle and tendons.
To reduce bruising and swelling.
To speed recovery in sports injuries.
To increase resistance to infection.
To improve circulation/body and extremity warming.
To assist removal of waste products from the blood, ie. lactic acids, calcium, cholesterol and fat deposits.
To increase strength and energy.
To speed healing ie. bone fractures.
To help recovery or prevent onset of RSI.
To alleviate migraine and headaches.
To improve overall health.

Functions of magnets: (Grey color)
Reduce blood fat
Promote immunity of body
Adjust the abnormal bioelectricity and biomagnets.
Lower free radicals and postpone senility.

Far infrared ray: (Red color)
1.Far infrared emissivity of germanium is 92.1%, its wavelength is 8-10 um, which is the optimal frequency and wavelength people can absorb. The far infrared ray can deeply go into our body absorbing toxic substances and heavy metals, and then decomposes them. It can help the body detoxify and maintain vitality.
2.Far infrared ray has resonance effect on our cells. Due to its thermal effect, it expands blood capillaries, improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

Germanium (Black colour)
-Improve blood circulation and immunity
-Relieve fatigue and improve sleep
-Alleviate all kinds of nerve pain
Reducing stressed blood vessels which can alleviate Migraine
Modulate clamminess and wind chill
Ease low back pain and pain due to Arthritis
Modulate blood pressure, blood fat, blood sugar and some physiological function
Assist in the body in curings cancer (broadly) by clearing blockages
Detoxification (residual waste and heavy metal in our body)
Activate cellular oxidation which supports Anti-aging

Negative Ion (White Color)
Negative Ions have an invigorating effect on the human body and are created naturally by the energy associated with rolling surf, waterfalls and lightnings. The levels of negative ions present in different environments highlight the deficiency of negative ions in our everyday domestic environment. Standard: Jewelry can produce 800-1000 ions and help your body working.

Who should wear this product:
* If you have to use a computer or a cell phone for a long period of time
* If you have to keep focused on your work for a long period of time
* If your job requires you to stand or do laborious work for a long time and if you are a person who
always has cold hands and cold feet
* If you have problems such as tense nerves, poor blood circulation, or stiffness and shoulder and neck
* If you are weakly resistant to illnesses and catch colds easily.
* If you have a stressful life style and want to relax and regain your energy.
* If you have an irregular life style and are often sleepless.
* If you are fond of sports and want to develop your sport fitness. More From

High Quality Magnet Healing Stainless Steel Bracelet
Price: $27.89
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Quality Bio Magnetic Healing Stainless Steel Bracelet

4in 1 Bio magnet health care bracelet
Suitable for frequent access to computers, mobile phones and other radiation people
Fashion shape style, suitable for any occasion.
It is a good gift for your lover, family, friend and...
Natural Clear Fluorite Pendant - Healing Necklace
Price: $17.77
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Randomly Natural fluorite pendant necklace Quartz crystal Reiki Chakra pendants Colored fluorite crystal pendant women jewelry

Condition: 100% Natural Fluorite By Handwork
Pendnant Size: 30-45MM
Material: Natural Fluorite Quartz
Color: Multicolor
Chain length: 40cm (Adjustable)...
Bio Magnetic Healing Necklace - Black Hematite
Price: $32.89
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Item Type: Necklaces
Chain Type: Link Chainis
Gender: Unisex
Metals Type: Hematite
Function: Magnetic
Length: 62cm

Magnetic therapy has been used for years to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation.
It is also has been used to reduce stress & anxiety,...
7 Chakra Pendants - Tree Of Life
Price: $14.89
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Process: Handmade

Style: Multicolor Chakra Natural Stone Pendant Christmas Tree Pendant Necklace

Occation: Christams gift Valentine's Day Gift Best gift For Her

Material: Amethyst, Rock crystal, Citrine, Aventurine, Tiger's Eye, Opal, Agate

Plating: Silver Plated...
Pure Copper Bio Healing Fashion Bracelet Men Women
Price: $32.89
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Do you want REAL relief that you can FEEL?

If so, then this guaranteed 99.9% PURE Copper Magnetic Bracelet is yours to try (completely risk free).

Magnets have been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and are still used today by many practitioners of Traditional Chinese...
Healing Fluorite Clear Stone Necklace Pendant
Price: $19.00
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The Top 12 Benefits of green fluorite and purple fluorite
Green fluorite crystal is associated with the heart chakra, and it is recommended for Libran and Taurean zodiac signs.
Many will say that fluorite heals. It seems to invigorate the body and uplifts the spirit with many suggesting it can...
Quantum Pendant Necklace
Price: $25.89
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Diameter of round pendant:4.2cm/1.65"(appr.)
Size:(L)X(W)12X8X2cm /4.72''X3.15''X0.79"(appr.)

Package included: 1 Set Quantum Pendant

Brand New and high quality.
Made of lava material,strong, durable and have a little bit of...
Healthy Stainless Steel Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
Price: $26.89
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Our Products Cherish Your Health

Let us know how Hottime magnetic bracelet good for our health.

1. What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy is based on the theory that when delivered directly to the body magnetic fields can stimulate healing from a range of health problems,Although...
Bio Energy Bracelet For Men 17Pcs Magnets Healing
Price: $46.89
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1. What is Magnetic Therapy?
Magnetic therapy is based on the theory that when delivered directly to the body magnetic fields can stimulate healing from a range of health problems, Although its health claims include the treatment of multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, insomnia,...
Double Row 4 IN 1 Bio Elements Energy Magnetic Bracelet
Price: $58.89
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Our energy products have acquired patent no. ZL2011 30029778.2, and received European CE and SGS Certification. They have the elements including negative ions, far-infrared rays, magnet stone or germanium. According to kind of energy products, we add supplementary functions by setting medical...
Powerful Bio Magnetic Copper Bangle Unisex
Price: $26.89
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Powerful Bio Magnetic Copper Bangle Golden Copper Bangle Bio Magnetic Bracelet Unisex

Number of Magnets: 2

Magnet: Neodymium

Gauss Strength of each Magnet: 3,000gauss

Gender: Men, Woman

Supreme Quality

Bio Energy Magnetic Bracelet Austrian Crystal Brazilian Hematite
Price: $23.89
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Name:Natural Brazilian Hematite Bead Bracelet
Material:Hematite,Austrian crystal
This jewelry accord with the environmental requirement·
Wearing Occasion: Wedding / Engagement / Anniversary / Propose/Party/Gift/Valentine's Day
Gift for: Girl Friend/ Wife / Mum/Grandma

Rhinestone Vintage Magnetic Healing Bio Bracelet
Price: $23.89
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Rhinestone Vintage Magnetic Healing Bio Bracelet For Man And Woman
Fashion Jewelry Wristband Charm Bangle

Size:21.00X0.00X0.00 mm
Price: $18.89
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Powerful Antique Copper Magnetic Bangle

Bangle width: 1.5cm

Number of Magnets: 6

Magnet: Neodymium

Gender: Men

Supreme Quality
Magnetic Titanium Bio Energy Healing Bracelets
Price: $24.89
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1, Promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism
- It will transmit nutrients and oxygen to cell and expel toxin in our body,people won’t have feel cold with hand and feet any more
- It will provide energy to blood corpuscle and lower viscosity,then reduce the chance to get...
HIGH QUALITY Magnetic Therapy Bio Energy Healing Bracelet
Price: $22.89
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Healing 4 Elements Balance Health Silver Titanium Bracelet
Magnetic Therapy for Natural Pain Relief

Increase your sense of well-being and mental clarity, To relieve tension, Improved energy levels and focus, Better sleep, Reduces instances of headaches and...
Best Natural Amber Handmade Baby Adult Bracelet/Anklet With Certificate
Price: $32.89
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We are the Porter of Natural Amber

The amber bracelet length is adjustable, baby and adult are ok

Our amber beads are all from Baltic. and wearing NATURAL amber necklace/bracelet has many good effects as below:
A natural analgesic, amber will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs....
Price: $42.78
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Magnetic Therapy for Natural Pain Relief

Magnetic therapy is gaining in popularity worldwide with many celebrity devotees including: Cherie Blair, Bill Clinton, Anthony Hopkins, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, Shirley MaClaine, Venus Williams, Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, Jack Niklaus and...
Tiger Eye Healthy Natural Stone Bracelets For Women
Price: $22.00
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Tiger Eye Healthy Natural Stone Bracelets For Women

The material is tiger eye stone, natural stones will appear different colors,Sometimes yellow, sometimes brown, and sometimes black
Please receive the product as the standard, the picture is for reference only

***If you have any...
Silver 106 Germanium 316L Stainless Steel Therapy Power Bracelet
Price: $36.99
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The perfect healthy jewelry gift for men and women

Who should wear This product:

* If you have to use a computer or a cell phone for a long period of time
* If you have to keep focused on your work for a long period of time
* If your job requires you to stand or do laborious work for...
Best Quality Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet For Arthritis Men Women
Price: $18.98
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Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet For Arthritis Men Women

1. Simple design and easy wear
2. It is a Magnetic health bracelet
3. Can relief arthritis muscle pain in your daily life easily

Magnets have been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and are still used today as a...
Best Quality Bio Magnetic Bracelet for Men
Price: $35.89
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Length: 21.5cm (215mm) | Wide: 1.5cm (15mm)

Availble in 5 different color and style : silver, silver/gold, black, blue and copper

•21x 3000 gauss rear earth magnets
•removable links
•High quality

Magnetic Therapy for Natural Pain Relief

Magnetic therapy is gaining in...
First... 1 [2]