My Early Days On The Net + BONUS Niche Fortune Exposed Digital Version Downloadable - No Shipping or Handling Fee! Introduction by Author Find out How to Give Your Learning-Curve & Internet Marketing efforts a Turbo-Boost! Dear Friend, If you're tired of "Information Overload" and don’t want to waste more hard earned $$ looking for just the right eBook, course or other information product that will really get you moving in the right direction, great. You can stop looking. It's right here. Don't Spend Another Minute Struggling to Come Up With Internet Jargon Without This Powerful Resource At Last! A Manual That Helps Average Joe, Newbies and ALL Wanna-be Marketers To Understand How Internet & Marketing WORK - in Simple English...! My Early Days on the Net includes just what you need packed into an easy-to-read format, bursting with specific successful solutions that have been tried, tested and proven by me personally; I'll tell you how I started with no experience at all and created a stable online future in less than 2 years with many-many inventions and innovations; Count the discoveries and check the websites: *** Turbo Referrer: Net's first all-in-one solution for running and maintaining an affiliate and referral reward system. *** JV Manager: A Universal Payment Solution for accepting orders through multiple third-party payment processors with a built-in Affiliate Manager. *** Dynamic Pricing Generator: A unique script that creates dynamic prices for PayPal? orders. *** Special Offer Manager: A one-of-a-kind script for running special offers. *** Turbo Ziner's Anti-Filter tool: Net’s first anti-filter tool created for allowing E-zine owners to reach their audiences by coping with Spam Assassin’s filter. *** Forum-Survivors: A unique forum script-contest. *** Buy Me A Drink: A cool way to allow your readers, subscribers and customers to show their appreciation to you. *** Buy Me A Product: The easiest way to create an online PayPal? shop. *** O.T.O. (One-Time-Offer): A unique solution for offering true one time special deals to your readers, subscribers and customers. *** Some of the best collections online: *** Best Free E-book: The best and the biggest collection of free eBooks anyone can brand for free in one and brandable eBook. *** Best Seller E-book: The ultimate collection of eBooks, software, and packages offered online with Master Resale Rights. *** Turbo CDs: The ultimate turbo-Collection of Internet Marketing Video and Audio files along with MANY Turbo-Bonuses! *** The Best of David Vallieres' Collection: the ultimate collection of David Vallieres’ ebooks, audio files, and video files. *** Together-Project: Real Stories by Turbo Zine’s subscribers sharing 1 thing in common: Passion to Success! Also, the biggest and the best package on Internet Marketing: Santa's Deal Time with more than 80 JV partners and with products & services valued up to $11,900.00.. *** Free viral & brandable eBooks, *** and more… Turbo Mega Bonus: #1 Turbo Exe Locker A handy tool that lets you 'lock' exe files (including setup files) so they can't be opened. Very safe to use just open the file, and click the option and hit 'Do It'. Last 5 actions are shown in a easy to follow list at the bottom. Simple yet very efficient. #2 Turbo Auto Multi-Browser Do you surf a lot of the start page's? (Surf pages, get credits then others surf your site) This program will surf 5 pages at once, it will block pop-up windows, reset the start page between 0-60 minutes in case a java script changes it. Minimizes to the system tray to be out of your way. #3 Turbo Auto-Surfer Add as many start pages as you want. Limit how many times that start page is opened. Opens them randomly so hard to trace. Save and load lists of auto hits pages. Many more great features! #4 Turbo Bookmark Checker It helps you go through your bookmarks to see if they are still valid then removes any that you select to be deleted. It scans the bookmarks, list them then checks each link to see if the page is still available! #5 Turbo Book marker Add your favorite sites to this program and easily visit them from it. You can even generate an HTML page with all your favorite site links in it! #6 Turbo Contact Form Creator A great tool that sets up a pHp file for creating quick and easy contact forms with maximum function. Can either have 1 email address or give them a choice - contact forms like this are a great way of avoiding spam - your email address isn't put into the HTML. Prefix the email subject for easy sorting. #7 Turbo Customers Pad This is a program that you can store your client into, it's for small client database of 0-200, although there is no real limit . It has features like adding, editing and removing contacts. You are able to search though all contacts to look for items (ie search all contacts for the word branded - it then lists all clients that have that word), can do mass emails and more. #8 Turbo Email List Cleaner This program helps you take care of your email list. It is where you can take care of your email lists, import lists, check the emails sytax (does it have a @ ect) check emails and also check emails that you have 'black listed'. Black lists can be also imported and exported. #9 Turbo Google Ranking Finder Great tool to see where you are ranking on pages with Google?. Put up to 4 keyword terms in and a list of domains. Also good to see where your competition is ranking for the same terms! Very easy to use. Does store domains, so you can pick from the drop down box. #10 Turbo JS Code Generator The best javascript tool! It includes 15 different javascripts and makes it easy to use them. You input what you want, then preview or generate code. Save the file as html or just copy and paste the code into your existing website page. Not only does this have the code, but tells you what browser it will work in. #11 Turbo Keyword Counter Searches you web page and lists all the words, this gives you a very good idea of the words you should be using in your meta tags. Can set the program to exclude common words like is, the, then, at, etc. #12 Turbo Note Organizer An advanced program for storing notes, you can create as many sections as you want, sections on html snippets, peoples contact details the possibilities are endless. Very easy to use and navigate - the is the best way to store notes. Add and remove folders and notes easily! #13 Turbo Notepad Deluxe Notepad Deluxe can compress text documents when you save them and uncompress them when you open them. Also, once you have saved a file and then open it with any text editor it's 'encrypted!' #14 Turbo Screen Capture Turbo Screen Capture easily captures screenshots from your computer. Captures the last active screen, full screen or user selected area. Also numbers each . jpeg picture consecutively. #15 Turbo To Do List Add tasks and remove tasks, tasks can contain notes, set a date when it's due along with priority, sits in the system tray out of the way, print all the tasks out, auto saves and loads the list when you open close program, add an unlimited amount of tasks and edit any task that has been setup. #16 Turbo Top Keywords Seaches Google? for the top 20 sites and puts them in a list, can then select the site and it will grab the sites meta tags. This means you can see what other sites are using for meta tags that are high in the Search Engines. #17 Turbo Traffic Wizard Turbo Traffic Wizard is packed with 10 scripts which are easy to use to increase website traffic. These scripts include Break Frames, Bookmark Us, Email This Page, Set Homepage, Logo Branding, Frameless Popup, Browser Entry, Language (which routes traffic based on browser language settings), Avenue Search, and Popup Page. Order today and get ALL the above applications for free with Master Resale Rights. You can do anything you want with them: Give them away, Resell them at any price you want, bundle them with your products, create your own turbo-collection, etc. My Early Days On The Net + Niche Fortune Exposed These eBooks package Worth $99.75 Today's price $13.99
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