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Are you Now Living As The Object of God's Affection? + BONUS Ad Tracking Super Tips


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Bangkok, Thailand

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Are you Now Living As The Object of God's Affection? + BONUS Ad Tracking Super Tips
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Are You Now Living As the Object of God's Affection? The Lord's workers
are the members of God's church. If they carry out the Lord's work, they
will all enjoy His special love in their lives. That's because the righteous
are experiencing the Lord's love while serving His gospel.

Dear Friend,

Those who have been saved from all their sins by believing in the gospel
of the water and the Spirit must know that they can enjoy the Lord's special
love in their lives by serving the Lord's work of salvation.

As a believer in the gospel of the water and the Spirit, I can't help but
confess that throughout all the years that I have served this gospel,
the Lord's special love has always been with me in my ministry.
So, I admonish all the others who believe in and preach the righteousness of
the Lord to also enjoy His special love in their lives, just as I have.
As you begin to read my sermons on the Song of Solomon in this book and
ruminate on the Lord's Word, you will be able to feel His love even more.

From The Publisher
As those who enjoy this special love of the Lord, we hope and pray that even
more people will come to believe in and serve the gospel of the water and the
Spirit, the love of the Lord, and receive the Lord's love even more abundantly
than we have.

1. Have You Kissed the Lord? (Song of Solomon 1:1-17)
2. Are You among God's Beloved? (Song of Solomon 2:1-7)
3. hat Do the Believers in the Gospel of the Water and
the Spirit Mean to God? (Song of Solomon 2:1-17)
4. Let Us Share Fellowship with the Lord in Our Lives (Song of Solomon 3:1-11)
5. We Are Loved by God (Song of Solomon 4:1-16)
6. We Must Believe That God Loves Us (Song of Solomon 4:1-16)
7. With Whom Does the Lord Work? (Song of Solomon 5:1-16)
8. In Whom Is God Interested in? (Song of Solomon 6:1-13)
9. God Loves Us as He Loved the Shulamite Woman (Song of Solomon 6:1-4)
10. We Are God's Cherished and Honored People (Song of Solomon 6:1-13)
11. God's Blessings Belong to Those Who Have United Themselves
with God's Heart (Song of Solomon 7:1-13)
12. Empty Your Heart Often If You Want to Receive
the Lord's Love (Song of Solomon 7:1-13)
13. What Do You Need to Live out Your Faith? (Song of Solomon 8:8-14)
14. How to Lead a Genuine Liefe of Faith (Song of Solomon 8:1-7)

Are you Now Living As The Object of God's Affection? (pdf 228 pages) + Ad Tracking Super Tips
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Keywords: God's Affection Lord's Workers Tracking Super Tips
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