Just launched in the counties of Kisii and Nyamira of the larger Gusii after 12 years of research. An authoritative Ekegusii-English Dictionary that comes complete with: 1. Over 13600 word vocabulary Ekegusii-English Dictionary 2. Over 9000 English-Ekegusii Index 3. 250 Expounded popular idioms, Proverbs, 750 Phrases/Expressions and 100 Riddles 4. Short history of Abagusii of South-Western Kenya 5. Lives & Times of Omogusii from birth to grave (Birth, Growth, Rites of passage, Worship and religion, Food and Health practices, Taboos, Settlement, Administration, Burial rites etc). A suitable volume put together by experts with a rich background of Ekegusii with conjunction with language elders, teachers and professionals spread all over the larger region Gusii with a strong contemporary language content. An apt venture after the community came into shocking reality that Ekegusii is in danger of loss due to various factors including but not limited to: 1. Failure by most parents to pass it to their children hence 2. Fluency in Ekegusii rapidly increases with age 3. It is neither learned nor used as a language of instruction in schools. It is therefore not an examined language. 4. It has not grown in tandem with technology since it is a minority language "used only in the home!" 5. Would be speakers and users have migrated to urban centers and to the diasporas where learning/using the language is even scarce. 6. No longer commonly used in its main domains such as homes, in village meetings and during ceremonies. 7. Due to globalization 8. Schools discourage its use by students whereby it becomes a punishable offence to use it. 9. Lack of authoritative documentation and wide literature in the language 10. Elders and those knowledgeable in it passing away. If this trend is not stopped, Abagusii will eventually lose their heritage and all the knowledge that is impeded in their language; Ekegusii. The knowledge about plants, medicine, traditional knowledge, their culture and values. The 1500 page volume is of "Perfect bind in soft cover". The intention of the writers/authors is to generate the urge in others to stand up for Ekegusii and get to use it, speak it, write in it, revitalize it and document it for posterity. There is something researchers can do to prevent its accelerated loss. By purchasing this product and using it regularly, you frustrate all the above negative factors which work against the existence of Ekegusii for generations to come. There is also much more on-line http://www.ekegusiiencyclopedia.com where the dictionary has a sound feature for proper pronunciation of the dictionary vocabulary. (Accessed free first time with subsequent subscription and an all time affordable rates). Congratulations for PURCHASING THIS GREAT PRODUCT.
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