Dear fellow athletes, If you would kill to discover how you too can… • Get more steel bending strength and shatter your previous 1-rep max. • Instantly become more explosive and powerful at your chosen sport. • Maximize your endurance so you are still fighting hard even in the last round. • And do it all in just 45 minutes or less… Then this message will be the most important and game changing message you will ever read! Hear is what makes this product so superior: It’s a new, proven, way to scientifically manipulate the way your body’s cells communicate with each other. It greatly speeds up your neural connections… and as a result… you become a much faster, stronger and more explosive athlete in just minutes after your first dose. No, this is not just another run-of-the-mill “stimulant”— this is a “neurotransmitter activator” that works by restructuring your body at a cellular level transforming you into a natural speed, strength and explosive “POWERHOUSE”. This painstakingly crafted formulation is only found in one sports-supplement called Chain Reaction. And yes, it will quite literally make you a better athlete in every way that counts… in just 45 minutes or less! Yes, 45-minutes or less after swallowing your first capsule you will see the effects take root. No loading. No waiting for results. No Bull! Feel sheer intensity, power and energy take hold. There has never been anything like this available before. In fact, within minutes of your first dose…. • You will feel a flood of focus and concentration run through your body, an elevated level of intensity that puts you right in “THE ZONE” giving you such and inferior look of raw power and intensity you could intimidate your opponent before the fight even began. • Your muscles will instantly feel more explosive and responsive – ready to conquer any challenge you present. • You will open the flood gates releasing huge levels of explosive power, strength and speed into your body! Keeping you firing on all cylinders! • You will have a feeling of invincibility set in as your stamina and energy levels persist throughout your entire workout session, allowing you to perform increased weight at higher reps. • You will build more solid muscles and shed off body fat 3 times as fast as you’ve ever experienced before because of your more intense workouts. • You will become the one all eyes are on in the gym, the one who everyone envies and the one everyone wishes to become. Still not convinced? Hear is some scientific proof that will cease all disbelievers. In an independent research study performed by top Ivy League neurology scientists and professors about the biochemical limitations of short-term memory it was discovered after 2 years of intensive scientific research and testing, that a specific neurotransmitter “acetylcholine” was responsible for recall and recognition in humans. After several more extensive studies they discovered that this neurotransmitter was also in fact, responsible for controlling motor unit recruitment and signaling muscular contraction. They then set out to discover a series of components that actually increased the levels of acetylcholine and other contributing neurotransmitters. OUR GOAL: to scientifically engineer these specific components into the world’s most science driven sports nutrition formula ever developed… And after 2-years of precisely proportioning our key 13-active ingredient formula, we have produced just that! You know what that means right? By increasing acetylcholine and other key neurotransmitters you can safely and rapidly increase your body’s cellular communication—giving you GUARANTEED strength, speed and endurance increases. Think about it… every single muscle, motor unit and organ in your body relies on your central nervous system to function: • Strength • Speed • Explosiveness • Oxygen uptake • Reaction speed • Muscle Firing • Muscle Recruitment • Gaining Muscle • Mental Focus • Concentration • Skill Learning and Retention You’ll see amazing increases in performance in all these areas when you FORCE your central nervous system to work faster, better, and more efficiently with CHAIN REACTION. And in case you were wondering… CHAIN REACTION IS 100% LEGAL WITH ZERO SIDE EFFECTS… AND IS IN DIRECT COMPLIANCE WITH (WADA) WORLD ANTI-DOPING AGENCEY AND (IOC) INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE CODES OF CONDUCT. WHAT’S MORE: the formula does NOT contain ephedrine, ephedra, ma huang, yohimbine, or other dangerous stimulants… or … any other banned substances and in fact there is not even one drop of caffeine found in our product, instead we have utilized B-vitamins and other synergistic compounds for our natural energy boost. That is important because it makes Chain Reaction the safest, most effective pre-performance supplement available. HERE’S WHY: most other pre-workout formulas (like NO2 supplements) simply use huge amounts of L-Arginine to make your muscles feel full and “PUMPED”. Pumps create the illusive effect that you’re actually getting bigger, when in reality a pump is short lived and typically fades out after 30 minutes or so taking you back down to your previous level. Further more, no study has ever proven supplementing with L-Arginine improves any aspect of muscular or athletic performance what-so-ever. If that isn’t enough, 99% of these pre-workout products are crammed full of maltodextrin (an insulin spiking ingredient worse than sugar) … to much magnesium ( which causes nausea, cramping and diarrhea!) … or … massive amounts of caffeine (which leads to adrenal fatigue!) Here’s the bottom line: You can fall for the next fad pre-workout formula with dangerous and unproven ingredients … or… choose Chain Reaction, the only product with extensive years of Proven, (and SAFE!) results in clinically tested laboratories, real world results backed by World Champions, Olympic competitors, professional athletes, and performance athletes of every skill level. This Cutting edge formula has been refined and perfected over the past 2-years and is backed by clinically researched ingredients cited in over 4,065 case studies. This product is now considered by many Pharmacology and Physiology PhD’s to be the most effective, fastest acting, proven short cut to EXTREME STRENGTH, EXPLOSIVE POWER AND ELITE CONDITIONING ever formulated into an over-the-counter performance enhancement supplement. IT IS NOW AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC… THIS PRODUCT WAS KEPT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS FOR OVER 2-YEARS WHILE ITS FORMULATION WAS PERFECTED. IT WAS ISSUED ONLY TO TOP WORLD LEVEL ATHLETES ASSURING YOU THAT ALL FEEDBACK RECEIVED DURRING THIS TESTING PHASE CAME ONLY FROM THE BEST IN THE WORLD. NOW COMPLETELY REFINED, THIS AMAZING NEW SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH FORMULA IS FINALLY AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. ACT NOW! BEFORE YOUR COMPETITION FINDS THIS PRODUCT AND PASSES YOU UP! ingredients contained in Chain Reaction: vitamins B12 (cyanocobalamin), B6 (pyridoxine), B5, Niacinamide, folic acid, choline bitartrate, L-glutamic acid, cordyceps, 20-hydroxyecdysone, DMAE, ginko biloba, phasphatidyl serine, Huperzine A. Chain Reaction is capsule based formula containing up to a 30-day supply 120 capsules. Directions of use: take 4-8 capsules per day. take 30-45 minutes prior to workout or activity. for additional recovery take an additional 2 capsules directly after activity. dosage should be based on an individual basis and may need to be increased or decreased according to persons weight or other individual variables. It is improtant to keep in mind that 80-85% of our users have great success with 4-6 capsules prior to workout or activity. It is also important to start out with our recomended dosage of 4 capsules prior to workout or activity and adjust dosage accordingly from there. Note: underdosing this product will result in not allowing the product to work at its full capability. Chain Reaction should be taken up to 5-days per week allowing a 2 day a week off period to keep from building a tolerance level. this product does not need to be cycled as long as you allow the full 2 days per week off period. if taken accordingly at 4-capsules per day, 5-days per week the product should last up to 6-weeks. ORDER YOUR SUPPLY OF CHAIN REACTION NOW!
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