You will receive: 1 Bottle (30 Capsules) of Tender Loving Care Colon Cleanse A Properly Functioning Colon Does Wonders For Your Body •Detoxifies Your Body •Removes Parasites •Prevents Toxicity •Aids Weight Loss •Prevents Sickness •Combats Intestinal Disorders •Aids Hypertension •Reduces Allergies •Decreases Muscle Aches •Reduces Blood Sludge •Allows Better Nutrient Absorption •Promotes Regular Bowel Movements •Many Many More! Constipation – An American Tragedy! Learning how to care for your colon should be no more embarrassing than discussing cardiovascular health, but for far too many people it is. As such, more than 40% of all women and nearly as many men, suffer from chronic constipation. Constipation is a sure sign that your colon is not functioning properly. If left untreated your health will suffer. 30 Caps AND 1 Bottle of Seven Flowers Extract, (100 Capsules) Seven Flower Extract - 100 tiny tabs. 1 Bottle PLUS Heart Blood Pressure Bottle Take control of your health with these 2 products for one great price!!!! 1. Seven Flowers Extract: The best Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure are in a Traditional Chinese Medicine product called Seven Flowers Extract. The Chinese herbs in seven flower extract are beneficial in reducing mild to moderate blood pressure. Because it works by relaxing the nervous system, it is also a wonderful sleep aid and promotes good sleep patterns, which also helps to reduce blood pressure to normal levels. The reason people want herbal remedies for High Blood Pressure is because natural remedies do not cause the side effects associated with many blood pressure medications. One of the benefits of Seven Flowers is that it can be safely taken along with any prescription medications. Seven Flowers is the first line natural medicine treatment for elevated blood pressure, stress and trouble sleeping. It is our number one selling product. How it works: Seven Flowers works by relaxing the nervous system and consequently reducing the stress on the cardiovascular system. By doing this, it helps to lower the blood pressure and promotes good sleep patterns. It can also help to reduce feelings of anxiety with its calming effect. Ingredients: Chrysanthemum Flower Honeysuckle Flower Sophora Japonica Flower Brunella Flower Water Fairy Flower Black Moss Flower Ginseng Flower Directions / Dose: If your Diastolic blood pressure reading (the number on the bottom) greater than 90: Take 1 tablet in morning and 2 in evening. If your Diastolic blood pressure reading (the number on the bottom) greater than 100: Take 3 tablets in morning and 3 before bedtime. May be taken 3 times a day, not to exceed 12 tablets in a 24 hour period. Because of the relaxation effect, keep the daytime dose low enough not to induce fatigue or tiredness. Seven Flower Extract may be taken with prescription medications.
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