HOW Digestive Enzyme Aid works: AMYLASE digests starches, CELLULASE digests cellulose (the fibrous component of most vegetable matter), PROTEASE digests proteins, and LIPASE digests fat. Other digestive ingredients include Marshmallow Root and Slippery Elm Bark, known to have a high mucilage content which soothes and protects mucous membranes, such as the digestive tract and bowels. L-Glutamine is an esssential amino acid, used for digestive and immune systems. Gamma Oryzanol is a compound made from brown rice, which offers help for digestive problems, lowering cholesterol and helps with menopausal symptoms. DIGESTIVE ENZYME AID: * Improves digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. * Important link in stamina, energy level, and utilizing vitamins and minerals. * These enzymes are very stable and retain activity in the intestinal tract. * Helpful for symptoms involved with indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon, acid reflux, flatulence(gas), bloating, and hemorrhoids. SUPPLEMENTATION WITH DIGESTIVE ENZYME AID: Raw foods, fruits and vegetables, are excellent sources for enzymes. When food is processed, canned or cooked, enzymes are destoyed. Supplementation with enzymes replaces those lost in cooking an enhances the enzymes found in raw foods. Naturally occuring enzymes and supplemental enzymes begin the process of digestion earlier in the digestive tract. Without these enzymes, digestion occurs in the small intestine. The chance of undigested food entering the colon is increased. Incomplete digestion of food gives colon bacteria the opportunity to feed, producing gas and toxins that can leave people feeling uncomfortable and even sick. WHEN TAKING THE DIGESTIVE ENZYME AID SUPPLEMENT: You can start with ONE DIGESTIVE ENZYME AID SUPPLEMENT capsule before each meal. By the third day, you should be up to TWO DIGESTIVE ENZYME AID SUPPLEMENT capsules before each meal. You may notice that you have an increase in number of bowel movements. This is normal, as these enzymes are very stable and retain activity in the intestinal tract. This means that more food has been broken down and absorbed by the intestinal tract. Energy levels and alertness may also increase as you are using less energy to digest your food and your food is being better utilized by your body, creating more energy. Gastric distress may also be reduced as acid production is triggered by the presence of food in the stomach. The DIGESTIVE ENZYME AID SUPPLEMENT digests food very quickly allowing faster passage into the intestine thus reducing acid production. WHAT IS THE DIGESTIVE ENZYME AID SUPPLEMENT? Enzymes are fundamental to all life. They are in every living thing. Enzymes are substances that make life possible. They are needed for every chemical reaction that occurs in the body. Without enzymes no biological activity would occur. Enzymes are protein catalysts necessary for metabolic functions. They move your muscles, stimulate your nerves, make your heart beat, keep you breathing, and allow you to think. Supplementing with the DIGESTIVE ENZYME AID SUPPLEMENT can be beneficial, especially if you suffer symptoms involved with indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon, acid reflux, flatulence, bloating, and hemorrhoids. WHY TAKE THE DIGESTIVE ENZYME AID SUPPLEMENT? Enzymes enhance the digestive process. Nearly every person will benefit from Digestive Enzyme Aid Supplementation. Vitamins, minerals, hormones cannot perform their vital roles without enzymes. People may see improvement in their absorption and utilization of nutrients. Benefits will vary depending upon the diet of each individual and general health. Most people will feel LESS FULLNESS after meals and experience increased energy levels. Changes in bowel habits also occur with decreased gas and more regular bowel movements being common. Anecdotally, people have noticed being able to lose weight more easily as they feel "full quicker". Since the body is utilizing the nutrients in the foods more completely, the hypothalamus (in the brain) gets the signal from the digestive tract, it is full. PRODUCT INGREDIENTS: Marshmallow Root...................60 mg. Gamma Oryzanol.....................40 mg. Slippery Elm Bark..................30 mg. L-Glutamine........................25 mg. Marshmallow 4:1 extract............22 mg. Slippery Elm 4:1 extract...........12 mg. n.zymes TM: Amylase, Lipase, CereCalase TM, Protease, Cellulase ...........47.5 mg. Other Ingredients: Rice Bran, Gelatin, and Water PRODUCT DOSAGE: Take two capsules with each meal.
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