Post Covid is a challenging time. It has changed the way promoting E-Commerce Online. You need to learn how to change with the times, to start generating income and sales. This can not be achieved without a sales lead generating plan set in place. I am supporting All Members On how to achieve this. Listing all stores at my Online Shopping Blog Page and shout outs at our face book groups. Our entire community supports each other with Fab Prize Giveaways when shopping. I will share with you how I transferred my Maree Designs Clothing Store after the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2013 to SFI. Using The GDI Domain to advertise on auto pilot even when off line sharing my Flexxity Services and ECA store links. Using down line builder programs to generate a client base with repeat sales. Your purchase includes. 1.. Access to our Private Down line coaching With Maree Training Series. 2.. Access to our SFIPays Coaching A-Z business set up in a box Training Series. First month receive the E Books I have designed. 2021 Post Covid Vision + Coaching With Maree. Receive the New Video I have designed. How to set up spread sheets for business planning and keeping record of your accounts. Keep your subscription active the second month receive my E Book. How to be a Flexxity Service Provider. Each following month receive A new E Book I design staying ahead with E Commerce Post Covid. In to Win Fab Prize Code Giveaways and Tips, Video's I design via the newsletters. These Video's and Training Articles cannot be found anywhere else, because I have designed them and hold the copyright to them! I Keep updated all my clients Post Covid. As their will be many changes. By the end of the course you should be quite the expect knowing all their is to know on how to operate a successful business online. The internet can be a very dangerous place if you are new to affiliate marketing. Promises of wealth and fortune over night. Never happens. It's scary in the beginning, when you step out of your comfort zone to learn new things. Post Covid I now live a laptop lifestyle, all you need is the willingness to take the first step to start your online journey and the rest will follow through. How it works. We are a group of individuals that belong to the Dollar Wise Network. We all own GDI domains. We use our domain to promote, support and build our SFI down lines on Auto Pilot. If you own a store FREE Bonus I add your Store Listing to my domain shopping pages. I am gathering all members from SFI to join our Face Book group and support each other with generating a new client list with repeat sales. As of 2021 I have over 17000 Psa and 2035 Csa down line I support with sending them to my training SFI website and face book groups. The beauty is if you are a member with SFI. Then all purchases are added to your Sales Quota.. PLUS you earn from your SFI Referral Spending. There are thousands of sites online. Let me guide you on how to avoid scams and operate with the best online income opportunities.
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