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One on One training. Standing order for 1000 Visitors Monthly . Plus 24/7 Skype support.

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One on One training. How to promote and earn with SFI. Start earning, working from home. With your standing order. You will receive. 1000 Visitors monthly to your SFI Free promotional Link. Free Sales Funnel page link with trusted sites you can add your SFI link at. Proven for results. Email support. 24/7 Free link to training articles that I have written. Star Page SFI and Triple Clicks. Seven day step I follow Earning with SFI working from home. Setting up your ECA website. ECA guideline. I will be available daily at skype to answer all your questions on how to participate and promote SFI. If you live in Christchurch. Email me. I offer FREE training at home. Helping you getting started. WHY because Team Support is the key to success Have you joined program after program. Waiting for your sponsor to make contact. Overwhelmed and frustrated, did you give up before even getting started. Stress no more. In the new world of social media, content truly is king. Sites change with the wind. What was paying yesterday can some times take a dive and stop paying members with constant excuses and delays.. The minute this occurs I stop participating at these sites. Just been paid in 2011 was brilliant. In 2012 I stopped promoting them. I am like your personal watch dog. Keeping track daily of sites progress. If you are like me, you've searched the Internet over and over, wasting lots of time and money with "get rich quick" businesses that turned out to "be pie in the sky" fairy tale's. It is best to promote fully one program (SFI) and gain success rather than trying to promote 5-10 different programs with no signups. The KEY to SUCCESS is communicating with your down line. I have a proven and paying plan I follow daily. Working from home. The beauty is no matter what the circumstances are. We can still earn an income. In 2009, I underwent major surgery, I was forced to shut shop and relocate home. While recovering house bound and bored. I searched the internet for a way to earn an income working from home. I have done all the donkey work for you. Wasted 1000's of dollars and hours testing the Good from the Ugly,. This is when I started Affiliate Marketing full time. I will help you achieve your Goals. I originally joined SFI in 2010. But due to the Christchurch Earthquakes in New Zealand in 2011, I was forced to relocate and start over. I was unable to participate monthly at SFI. In June I reactivated my account, deciding I would not reopen a shop, instead I would sell my Maree designs through Triple Clicks and promoting at over 30 different sites I am upgraded with. Cost of my upgrades. Nil it is all paid with down line earnings. Your Goal will be to achieve the same results. I will help you achieve your Goals. If you are willing to put the time and effort into it. Success is achieved only by promoting, duplication, communication. And Duplication.