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Video training series.

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Welcome. I have tested 1000's of sites over the years. Sorted the good from the ugly. To blast my SFI Promotions. It is so important to know how to set up your G Mail account. Plus operating on line can be a challenge. Video Creations By Maree Designs. I have designed 5 videos on how to start your online journey. Avoiding all the scams and false hype online. Each video is around 15 minutes each in length. 1. Newbies Set up guide 2. Setting up GMail video one 3. Setting up GMail video two 4. Bitcoin A to Z Set Up Guide 5. Guide to Traffic Exchanges By the end of this video training series you should be quite the expert knowing all there is to know about affiliate marketing. And operating from a safe and secure G Mail Inbox. Your email address will also be added to my SFI Newsletter. group. I keep everyone up to date week by week. With new ideas on how to promote and participate at SFI. If you live in Christchurch. Call around home for FREE training. Team support is the key. My Goal is to explode our SFI down lines, so we are all earning working from home..