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Sales Generating Leads Program to explode your SFI down line.

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Welcome The internet can be a very dangerous place if you are new to affiliate marketing. Promises of wealth and fortune over night. Never happens. Duplication and Communication is the key. By learning to create your own lead system at SFI! You can then co-op that system with those you refer into SFI for maximum leverage. Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life of your business. I have spent 1000's of dollars and hours testing the good from the ugly. I have done all the donkey work for you. All you need to do is put the plan into action. I find these ‘Secret’ Traffic Secrets advertised by the “Guru’s” I trusted and paid a lot of money too. Never really worked as advertised. They were all about getting the dollar's without the support. If you are looking for strategy's to get more down line I will give them to you when you read my news letters I will send to you weekly.. I am always checking out new ideas and updating my SFI training. Then I pass this information on to all my customers. I save your email addresses to a group at G Mail so you will be able to receive my Weekly SFI News Letters. You will receive a link to my Sales Generating Leads Program. I use this daily to promote SFI. Expanding my down line daily. You will receive a list of my Top 10 Traffic Exchanges to join FREE. Here you will find Proven Traffic Exchanges to go and promote your SFI Gateway link at. Proven for results. I have been promoting at these sites since 2010. Building my SFI down line daily. This will also give you numerous streams of different income resources. If you live in Christchurch. Call around home for FREE training. Team support is the key. Bonus if you are in my Level one down line I also will reassign 5 PSA members to you. You need to send me your SFI Id number so I can transfer these members over to you. My Goal is to explode our SFI down lines, so we are all earning working from home. Cheers Maree SFI Silver Team Leader.