Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Coconut Coffee Oil, 4 Oz

For Body, Face and Scalp Keeps Skin Moisturized and Smooth Helps Renew and Tone Skin Helps Invigorate Scalp USDA Organic Non-GMO Your Purchase Supports Because I Am A Girl Plan A one-of-a-kind blend of renowned natural oils enhances natural beauty, while awakening the senses. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil works with Organic Jojoba Oil to penetrate deeply into skin, helping to renew and tone. As the oil closest to skin's natural sebum, Jojoba Oil moisturizes without leaving an oily residue. Premium quality Pure Arabic Coffee Oil helps keep skin firm and smooth. When massaged into the scalp, it helps invigorate and moisturize. The purchase of this product helps support Plan International USA's Because I Am A Girl initiative to directly improve the world's poorest countries. 1% of gross wholesale sales will be donated to support girls' education programs. Directions How To Use: For face and body, massage oil into skin as needed. Massage quarter sized amount into scalp. Leave on twenty minutes and wash and style as usual. Important: Organic Coconut Oil in this blend will turn solid at cold temperatures. This may cause small white pieces of the coconut to float in the jojoba oil. In extremely cold temperatures, the oil may solidify altogether. If you notice this, place bottle in warm water for 2 minutes and it will return to liquid form. Free Of Animal cruelty, and GMO. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.