Rice Milk Soap - Jasmine Fragrance - Single Bar

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High Quality Herbal Whitening Jasmine Rice Milk Soap With Jasmine Flower Fragrance I received a review of one of our rice Milk Soap products and it said: “ The soap has lots of suds. However, it does not have a "fresh" smell. A little natural fragrance like vanilla could be added. ” Well we listen and here is the same soap made from Jasmine flowers with a rich Jasmine scent. Thailand Jasmine Rice Milk Soap 100 % Using the finest Jasmine Rice extraction ingredients. Rich in vitamins. Maintains and moturizes your skin. Makes your skin brighten and glow. Helps protect against achne. Lightens dark spots in your skin. Removes and protects against bacteria in your skin. Helps damaged skin return to a natural condition. Usage : Bath and body for any skin type Ingedients: Rice Milk, Cocnut Milk, Fragrance 1 bar 60 grams 12 bar package 720gms