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Powerline 5 new PSA, delivered 3 per day. The pack is specially designed for PSA delivered 5 days in a row, three per day to a single line of your existing PSA. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW WHICH WILL HELP YOU MAKE THIS WORK FOR YOU. New PSAs are worldwide, delivered from a huge number of countries, globally we make the world smaller for you. Our advertising campaigns can help you build a strong team, we dedicate our time to you to get New Sign Ups. We can not assure active PSA, that will be your job to lead them in your one personal way, but we can help you in bringing them to your personal gateway. The ACTIVE and good working PSA will depend only on you, we deliver it to you and you lead them to success. Make sure your Welcome PSA message is already set up, with your contact details and first instruction for new PSA. If you are not able to be there and meet your newbies, please make sure your Starter Incentives are filled and ready to be offered to your new PSA. Newbies will be delivered to you in a period of 24 to 48 hours, upon your order is received. Before delivery, you will be informed of the delivery date. First impressions and strong relationships with your team members are crucial to your success in SFI. So as your new PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) log into the SFI Affiliate Center for the first time, it's VITAL that they are greeted with a thoughtful welcome message from the person sponsoring them in SFI–YOU. Our tracking code is 1120. Regarding the POWERLINE you need to make a setup first and add our keycode with SFI ID number of your existing PSA. If you are not able to manage it hit us an email on [email protected] and we will instruct and help you out.