Black Plated Copper High Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

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Black Plated Copper High Magnetic Therapy Bracelet You’re going to love this classic vintage black ion-plated magnetic copper link therapy bracelet. Combining sophistication with style, this bracelet contains 12 3500 Gauss high powered magnets, along with the additional benefits of Germanium, Anion and FIR stones that provide you with fast and effective relief from fatigue and muscle tension, whilst promoting relaxation and balanced sleep. This Black Plated Copper High Magnetic Power Bracelet delivered with a bracelet tool in a nice gift box. Number of Magnets: 36 Magnet: Neodymium Gauss Strength of each Magnet: 3,500gauss Gender: Men / Women Supreme Quality MAGNETIC THERAPY Relive pain, Promote blood circulation, Optimum energy & stamina, Balance & harmony. Relieves fatigue and tiredness, Alleviates physical stress, striffness, cramps or discomfort. Relieves joint and muscle pain increases blood circulation. Strengthen one’s immune system and raises oxygen levels. Improve the immune and defense system.