Kedi Health Care Vitality Pack

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Product Description VITALITY PACK: CORDY ACTIVE,+ GOLDEN SIX & VIGOR ESSENTIAL Support diligence and vitality. Best Friend for life FUNCTION: Effective for vitality, body immune booster, prevents ageing and sanitises the body system. Women will not use the included Vigour Essential except where the is an issue with frigidity. Golden Six - Nafdac Number - A7-0466L It relieves back pain caused by kidney-yin deficiency It relieves stroke sequela by releasing such syndromes as language barrier, deflection of mouth e.t.c It boosts immune system It protects against accelerated ageing It smoothens the nerves and improves the functions of the kidney. Cordy Active - Anti-virus Nephritis Delay the process of ageing Boost vitality Fatigue, Stress, Depression Immune system Improve appetite Alleviate hematuria Pneumonia, Bronchitis, cough A7-0492L Vigor Essential Improves and boosts sperm count, Prevents prostate diseases, Reduces accelerated ageing both in men and women.It also improves vitality and vigour.It works wonders when combined with Re-vive herbal capsules, especially for men who can't impregnate their women due to low or poor sperm count. the bottles compreises of 30 Capsule each of the bottles NAFDAC NO REG: A7-0467L