Pack $20 For 26 PSAs (20PSAs+6FREE)-Exclude Mostly From Asia & Africa

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$20 FOR 26 PSAs (20 PSAs PLUS 6 FREE) Team Building Recruitment Especially For SFI Affiliates!!! International PSAs sign up from worldwide (most countries are excluded from Africa and Asia) -Key Code 1134 Only thing we need your SFI ID # , so your PSAs will promptly add into your team building downline members. All PSAs are real people sign up from Google Search Engine within time delivery from 72 hours to 5 days or longer. It depends on weekdays or weekends. It may take sooner or later. However, we can not predict nor guarantee they are all ACTIVE. These PSAs need to follow up by your attention, guidance, mentor… It depends on you how to support them, instruct them with your SFI Business. IMPORTANT NOTES: *All International PSAs sign up from worldwide exclude most countries from Africa and Asia. However, keep in mind that we can not guarantee that will be excluded 100 % from Asia & Africa. *In case of some affiliates will register twice by error or use fake email or opt out on the first day etc...However, the FREE EXTRA PSAs we give you to cover the one you paid for. Happy Shopping!