BOOK ON CD Edition Originally Published in 1911 "Adventures Among the Red Indians" Romantic Incidents and Perils Amongst the Indians of North and South America Contents: CHAPTER I CHEROKEE WARFARE Indian insurgents and their rifles--The rising of 1793--March of Lieutenants Lowry and Boyd--The Indian attack--Sergeant Munson--Saving an officer's life--Walking into the battle instead of out of it--The third Indian contingent--Munson wounded--Prisoners--Taken through the forest--The camp on Lake Erie--The chief's sentence--Slavery!--Plans for flight--Munson's escape by water--The Cherokee canoemen 17 CHAPTER II THE INVASION OF CORRIENTES Southern Indians as soldiers--Andresito Artegas--The war of 1818-20--An awkward time for British residents--The panic in Corrientes--The march of the Indian army--A magnanimous chief--Mr. Postlethwaite--Hindrances to good fellowship--A quaint vengeance--Schemes for flight--Andresito as a guest--A Peruvian blackguard--Flight and pursuit--Running for it--A ship in sight--The last struggle for liberty 32 CHAPTER III A CAPTIVE AMONG ARGENTINE INDIANS The Guaranian Family--A story of Don Pedro Campbell--Indians in pursuit--Ascencion and her sister captured--Taken to the tolderia--"The Cordoban soldiers are coming!"--Escape of the Indians--The two girls made slaves--Murder of a young Spaniard--An evening alarm--The Macabis--The battle--Ascencion's sister killed--Another flight--A strange ship in the river--The Portuguese commander--Peter Campbell as rescuer--The Indians subdued--Punishing a would-be assassin 44 CHAPTER IV THE IROQUOIS OF THE CANADIAN BOUNDARY The Iroquoian family--Surgeon Bigsby--Coasting on Lake Ontario--A strange reception--Saluting "royalty"--Landing in the Indian village--The chief's remarkable speech--The excitement that a red tunic may cause--The old chief's generosity--Further popularity for the doctor--The chief's dinner-party--Farewell gifts--The next halt--Troubles of a geologist--"CŽsar Auguste"--An unwelcome passenger--Getting rid of the half-breed 55 CHAPTER V CREEK INDIANS AT PLAY U.S. Government and Indians--Captain Basil Hall, R.N.--The Creeks--A disappointment--The real Indians--A well-timed visit--The local band--The eve of a great festival--Dancing--Scarifying--The great day of the year--The match-ground--Where are the players?--The two teams--A discourteous commencement--Other preliminaries--The ball-play begins--Some alterations much needed--The end of the game 67 CHAPTER VI WITH THE DELAWARES AND CREES Sir George Head--Across Nova Scotia--Up the St. John River--Indian salmon-spearing--A ducking for the Major--A novel method of life-saving--The guides' limit--A ferocious Cree--Engaging the new guide--Irishwoman versus Indian--The ride through the pine-forest--Snow--Wolf-tracks--Provisions short--The wolves' attack--Keeping the guide in order--Trying to be wiser than an Indian--How to kill wolves--The Indian camp--Dances 79 CHAPTER VII AMONG THE FUEGIAN INDIANS The Pesherahs of Tierra del Fuego--Admiral Fitzroy--Fuegians as boat-thieves--Hostages--An experiment--Fitzroy's second voyage--Met by the natives--Compliments and curiosity--A puzzle--Indian vanity--Ashore again--Hostile natives--"Yammerskooner"--An uncomfortable plight for English sailors--A night among unpleasant neighbours--Jemmy Button's meeting with his relatives--Mr. Matthews's experiences--Jemmy again--Why Jemmy stayed among his people 95 CHAPTER VIII THE END OF THE BLACK HAWK WAR What's in a name?--Black Hawk--The Treaty of 1804--How it was kept--The Treaty of 1830--The beginning of the end--The Illinois militia--Through Wisconsin--Cholera--General Atkinson's march continued--The Bad Axe River--An unlooked-for meeting--On board the Warrior--A dialogue--A mauvais quart d'heure--The white men's revenge--Fording the river, in pursuit--A brief battle--The Sioux--Capture of Black Hawk--V¾ victis! 106 CHAPTER IX PERUVIAN INDIANS Lieutenant Smyth, R.N.--The H.M.S. Samarang survey--A rash offer--The Jevero Indians--The guides' opinion of their employers--How the mountain Indians defy hunger--Coca balls--A gruesome neighbourhood--Alma perdida--Up the Huallaga River--Manatee hunters--Trouble caused by the guides--Smyth's presence of mind 119 CHAPTER X THE CARIBS OF GUATEMALA John Lloyd Stephens--A delicate mission--Belize--Reception by the British Commanding Officer--Up the river--A genial Franciscan--Caught in the storm--A rude awakening--"Squaring" the Caribs--Central Guatemala--Agricultural Caribs--Hospitality--Catherwood seized with fever--The Charge d'Affaires in a hole--The native doctor to the rescue--Any port in a storm--A miraculous cure--Caribs and Mestizo rebels--Joining forces with the officers--The scuffle--The long mile back to British soil--Safe over the boundary 128 CHAPTER XI A PRINCE'S ADVENTURES IN BRAZIL Prince Adalbert of Prussia--Journey across South America--No guides--The Brazilian forest--A path discovered--Gathering cherries--The mysterious Carib--The visit to the village--The cacique's banquet--An unlooked-for taboo--The bull-fight dance--Carib guides--The Amazon at last--Indians among the trees and on the river--The party captured by Guaranis--Taken before the cacique--Ransom--An unexpected ally--The penitent Guaranis--A tapir hunt 140 CHAPTER XII INDIAN WARFARE IN CALIFORNIA Captain Wise, U.S.N.--Sent ashore at Monterey--The march of the boat's crew--A Yankee trapper settlement--News of the Apaches and Comanches--Indians in the pay of Mexico--Preparing for an attack--The night alarm--"Hy-yah!"--The four Comanches--The palaver--Trouble ahead--The sudden volley--Pursuing the Apaches--Following the trail--From the forest to the prairie--A dilemma--The battle of the Indians--Capture of the fugitives--A surprise 154 CHAPTER XIII WITH THE AYMARAS AND MOXOS Prevalence of Indian tribes in Bolivia--The Colla or Aymara people--Hugh de Bonelli--The Aymaras as walkers--A walk along Lake Titicaca--Seventy miles a day--The Moxos--A glorious canoe-ride--Family parties of Indians on the river--The gathering of the tribe--The cacique--The start for the egg-hunt--Turtle "nests"--A large family--Commencement of the digging--Five days' hard work--Breaking the eggs--Procuring the oil 166 CHAPTER XIV A SPORTING TRIP ACROSS THE PRAIRIES The Hon. Henry Coke--Across the prairies--Bluffs--The Crow guide--Brought to a full stop--Bison in sight--Disappearance of the guide and some of the baggage--Pursuing him--A hopeless chase in the dark--The Indians' camp-fire--The Pawnees--Bargaining for a prisoner's life--The new guides--Bison--Cautioning the new hands--Some very risky hunting--Cut off from the herd--Man down!--Attacked by an infuriated bison--Saved by an Indian's presence of mind 175 CHAPTER XV HOW THE YO-SEMITE VALLEY WAS DISCOVERED The Sierra Nevada--The Snakes, or Shoshonees--San Francisco--John Savage--Jose Jerez--Indian dissatisfaction--Impressing the savages--Trouble with drunken Indians--An anxious drive--Home again--Boycott?--Terrible news--Attack on the Frezno River store--The return--Indians kept at bay by the diggers--An opportune arrival--A wife stolen--Pursuit--Volunteers to the rescue--Guided by prisoners--Found at last--The surrender in the Yo-Semite Valley 189 CHAPTER XVI AMONG THE NIQUIRANS AND APACHES Julius Froebel--A hazardous project--A travelling Indian tribe--A hot march--Niquiran hospitality--"El Dorado"--A deserted village--The villagers' gold-mine--Froebel's reception--The baskets and their contents--A very ill-judged action--Flight--Froebel's wanderings--Ancient ruins--A new occupation for the wanderer--The Apaches--Firing on the Mexicans' camp--Pursuit through the darkness--An unexpected arrest 204 CHAPTER XVII ACROSS THE UNITED STATES IN A WAGGON Mexican Boundary Commission--John Russell Bartlett--An ethnologist's hunting-ground--Panic among horses and teamsters--The cause--A remarkable sight--A bison-surround--Wanton carnage--Approach of the Missouris--The presents--The delicate part of the bison--Grave warnings--Breakdown of the waggon--The Apaches--"Mangus Colorado"--The attack on the inn--The Apaches put to flight 216 CHAPTER XVIII A JOURNEY TO THE GRAN CHACO The Gran Chaco of Western Paraguay--Charles Blachford Mansfield--Up the Para--The madman's cold dip--Corrientes--Finding canoemen--The Indians--A dangerous landing-place--Pitching the camp--Supper--Mate--A jaguar--Game easily obtained--Nearing Asuncion--An inexplicable scare--Hunting on the Chaco 226 Plus nine more chapters. Book on CD Edition. Not a DVD, not an audio CD, no or limited illustrations. Produced in a Microsoft Compatible Format for reading, printing, copying, searching key words, terms or passages or for research.
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