Martin & Pleasance HE2. Feel like your old, young self. HE2 is a potent men's midlife herbal formulation that combines five powerful herbs, with two nutrients to offer a complete formula which helps to do more than just address a few symptoms. HE2 is the first formula on the market to help address a combination of issues including emotional health, prostate and sexual health, energy and mental performance - a deeply nourishing blend that helps to build overall wellbeing and vitality. Carefully balanced with traditional Chinese medicines and researched nutrients, HE2 can help support the sex drive, without being so stimulating that it leads to anxiety and insomnia; calm confidence is important for maintaining health and vitality and closely linked to libido and energy. 45 tablets The benefits include: 1. Combines scientifically proven support for prostate health 2. Contains Morinda, the prime sexual function herb in traditional Chinese medicine. 3. Offers symptomatic support plus is deeply nourishing for ongoing vitality 4. Is a balanced formula - stimulating for sexual health and calming to ease stress. The starting dosage is 2 tablets per day, until improvement. Many men may choose to take 1 tablet per day, as a maintenance dose to experience continued benefits. The health of men over 40 A man’s sex hormones, especially testosterone, decline approximately 10% ever decade from age 35. When you combine this gradual decline with physical changes, work & family demands and stressful lifestyles, it’s no surprise that so many men report changes to their energy, sexual health and confidence. Up to 40% of Mid Life Men: Report a loss in libido with an inability to maintain & sustain erections Show signs of Benign prostatic enlargement (BPH), like frequent urination Report periods of depression, anxiety, fatigue and lack of concentration HE2 Ingredients: Morinda our secret ingredient! The prime herb in HE2 as it is indicated traditionally in Chinese medicine to enhance libido, improve maintaining and sustaining erections but also deeply nourishing and building. Epimedium (horny goat weed) and Korean Ginseng. It’s critical that these traditional herbs are added in moderate amounts so they support improvements in libido and sexual function without overstimulation leading to irritability. These herbs play a very important role in building energy, improving mental performance & concentration, tonifying and building overall vitality. Schizandra = an adapotgen and anti anxiety herb. This traditional herb supports the body to adapt and respond better to stress and thus is protective, as well as providing relief from irritability and mood swings. Saw Palmetto + Lycopene + Zinc. Clinically tested ingredients to prevent disease of the prostate and to relieve the symptoms of Benign prostate enlargement (or hyperplasia – BPH), like frequent urination at night. These potent ingredients synergistically come together to help both relieve common symptoms but also deeply nourishing the whole body and improving vitality.
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