Eczema Cream - Altsberglotion Altsberglotion - Eczema Cream is a pure natural product with a unique powerful secret formula that effectively removes the inflammation of the skin. It has a very strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimiotical and antiseborrheic effect. is highly effective in the treatment of Eczema, where after a month of treatment there is a drastic improvement with the removal of damaged and diseased skin lesions. The main active ingredient of Altsberglotion Eczema Cream is Ihtiol which is black, thick, foul-smelling substance. Ihtiol is the sulfonated oil shale materials. It is obtained by distillation of bitumen and its main site is in the Tyrol. The bituminous substance is rich in fossil fish remains and therefore Ihtiol contains large amounts of sulfur and phosphorus as well as fish oil. Another active ingredient is Salicylic acid, which gives the product a strong Ceratolytic effect that is necessary to remove the top layers of damaged epidermis of the skin and also allows other active ingredients to penetrate freely and operate actively in the inner skin of the region. Of the other active ingredients, please note the extract of Evening primrose (Oenothera Biennis) which is ideal in the treatment of acne and pimples and extract the St.Jonh’s wort (Hypericum Perforatum) which acts on the regeneration and inflammation of the skin. The synergy of these active ingredients gives preparation a very strong and magical effect against inflammation in the skin. Eczema on skin disappear very quickly and very effectively and your skin gets healthy and beautiful appearance. Ingredients: Vasselin, Lanolyn, Ichthyolum, Sallycilum, Oenothera Biennis Ex., Hypericum perforatum Ex., Fish Oil; Certificate for the product issued by "The Public Health Institute in Nis - Center for Hygiene and Human Ecology" ADVANTAGES COMPARED TO OTHER PRODUCTS: It eliminates pain, burning and itching very quickly. It is easily absorbed and manifests strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. It has a strong absorption Users of Altsberglotion Eczema Cream have very good results and these are some of the send comments. '' I order balm for eczema on January 23, tried and behold not even been 15 days and I was much, much easier, no itching or cracking, really works. Otherwise suffer from eczema 8 years and I have used homeopathic medicines that can no longer afford because they are expensive ... unfortunately. There's nothing I have not used, but this balm really helped me and I spent a half-creams. It helps ... really you can not go wrong if you try altsberglotion. I recommend to all who are suffering, I was convinced that a quick recovery. Hello everyone. '' Slavica Borojević " Hello, I am very grateful for your product Altsberglotion Eczema. 10 years I struggled with eczema on his hands. By profession I am a retired auto painter and probably my eczema disease came because of years of contact with chemicals. Intense itching and agonizing pain in hands, swelling and peeling of the skin on the palms. So it was 10 years ago. The shame I avoided shaking hands with friends, non stop I held his hands in his pockets. I do not know what all I have not tried it, but nothing helped. Until I heard of your balm. With your Altsberglotion Eczema all normalized !!! I am very pleased. " Branko Ilic, Kragujevac '' Good morning. Balm helped me a lot, there will be a month to use it, I still have balm, and when I spent'll I'll contact you to advise me whether to continue or to take a break. Greetings of Jasmina from Vrsac '' '' Dear! Please find attached photos of my husband's hands after treatment Altsberglotion balm for a period of two months. As he has for many years eczema and a rare type of psoriasis, to inform you that the balm helped in eliminating eczema, but psoriasis very little. It stopped partially cracking the palms, but the skin is still peeling and sores appear below. A big thank you for the help and support, balm recommend to all people who have problems with eczema, to be diligent and persistent. '' Vesna Vasilić, Sremska Mitrovica Direction for use: Apply balm to the affected area once or twice a day. Application before bedtime is mandatory. After the coating rub well into the skin and leave uncovered for about ten minutes and disable the touch of clothing. After the coating do not treat the affected area with soap and water min. 7 days. During the therapy, use cotton clothing only. The duration of treatment for Eczema is 30 days minimum. *** IMPORTANT NOTES: The use of preparations containing Ihtiolom in certain individuals can cause mild skin irritation. In that case stop the treatment and ask a dermatologist for advice. Due to the presence of the active ingredient in the product - Salicylic acid is not advisable to treat large skin areas, and in this case a partial treatment is recommended. OTHER NOTES: Shelf life- 12 months. For external use only, according to the enclosed instructions. Store the Cream in a dark, dry place away from children. Packing: 60 ml Worldwide FREE SHIPPING !
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