DO IT YOURSELF AT HOME set Poly gel is ideal for all women who like to fix their nails themselves. The procedure is simple, and the final results are amazing. With Poly gel, you will easily achieve the desired length and shape of your nails in a very short time with the help of the included LED lamp. After shaping with Poly gel, your nails will be neat and look healthy. Trim your nails giving them exceptional firmness and shape. Easy shaping - Flexible texture allows you to easily achieve the desired length and shape of the nail. Natural and healthy look - The combination of acrylic and gel in a natural pink color will give you healthy and neat nails. Quick results - The gel dries completely under an LED lamp in just 2 minutes. Multiple application - The amount of Poly gel is enough for 30 medium-long nails. Apply a thin layer of Poly gel under the artificial nail, which is then glued to your nail. After drying under the LED lamp, simply peel off the artificial nail, and shape the newly formed nail with a file. EXPERIMENT - Play with different shapes, materials, lengths and colors of your nails. SAVE - Save time and money - create a beauty salon at home! SAFE USE - Poly gel does not smell unpleasant, and its use under an LED lamp is completely safe. The product is not available in stores! Technical specification Main functions: - Poly gel for artificial nails - Material - A combination of strong acrylic and stable gel Use: - Sand the surface of the nail. - Apply a suitable gel base coat and dry under an LED lamp. - Get the right artificial nail. - Apply the desired amount of Poly gel on the back of the artificial nail. - Using a wet brush, smear the gel on the artificial nail. - Lay the artificial nail on your natural nail and dry it under an LED lamp. - After drying, peel off the artificial nail and file as desired. - Apply a suitable gel top coat and dry under an LED lamp. - You can then paint the nail with the desired nail polish. Technical specifications for LED lamp: - Charging via USB cable - Power: 6W Benefits: - Compact design - Gently sticky layer on the nail surface - Before applying, clean the nail with a regular gel cleaner How to remove? 1. Use nail file to file the nail surface. 2. Wrap it tight in remover wraps, then holding for 5 mins. 3. Use cuticle peeler to make it down slightly. 4. At last, smear nutrient oil around the nails. Combination with all materials Drying under LED lamp (2 minutes) Volume: 30 ml Color: Choose the color you like, picture attached to the product page and send us the notification through the mail ([email protected]), if we dont receive email from you, we will send random color. The package contains: 1 x Poly Gel for nails 100 x Artificial nail (different size) 1 x Artificial nail attachment (cuticle knife + brush + pinch) 1 x LED drying lamp
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